Passion or Paycheck?


It's so much easier to learn to do what you love than to learn to love what you I get an "amen"?!
Today's post isn't going to be me telling you which is right and wrong or which is easier or harder...I would love for us to share opinions today? Cool?

Personally, I wouldn't want to be stuck at a job where I will not be happy. Imagine waking up everyday with sadness in your heart because you hate your job...I jump am pass abeg, I can't be about that life.

It is good to work for the paycheck, don't get me wrong...I mean man gats chop, but on the other hand, do you think pursuing your passion will be more beneficial to you? At least in the midst of all the stress that comes with passion pursuance, you will feel joy and satisfaction right?

What if your passion is your paycheck job? Then you are home and dry! Everything is set for you, all you have to worry about is becoming better at what you do and aiming for promotions so as to gain fatter paychecks abi?

In cases where your passion is far far faraway from your paycheck job, it can cause depression and dissatisfaction with one's life. Now I won't give you vague advice like "maybe you should look for the good sides of the job and be happy" or tell you "at least you're getting paid, what about people that don't have jobs"  Nah! Because if I were in your shoes, i'll be a walking time bomb to be very honest.
I also won't say, quit your job to pursue your passion, not like that's a terrible move, but if you don't have enough funds for your passion journey, I would say stay put and gather enough paychecks before you flee. We wouldn't want you to be a hungry hustler now would we? You can start pursuing your passion slowly while still working at your job, it is double the stress, but I think it will make working there more bearable till you feel you are stable enough to quit if that is what you want.

There's really few things as satisfying as doing what you love and earning from it...this is my career aim, I am definitely not looking to be holed up in a sad job place.

These are my opinions, like I said earlier, I would like us to share opinions tell me what you think about working for passion or for the paychek in the comments below.

Truly Yours

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2 thoughts

  1. i prefer a passion with the right paycheck

  2. Passion is great but life doesn't really turn out the way most of us would want it. I think focus is key no matter where you find yourself, with the appropriate amount of focus,you will be able to use the available resources to get or fulfill your passion.


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