HOW TO Walk in Heels


I love heels! They are absolutely gorgeous...BUT, I always think twice before putting on a pair. Walking in them could be such a chore, I literally get nervous at the thought.
Some heels are so sinfully high that they couldn't possibly be good for a child of the Lord...i'm just saying.
There are actually tips on how to walk properly and comfortably in heels and I am about to share them with you...let's get started!

Make sure they fit
The number one rule...ensure the shoes fit your feet properly. Not too tight and definitely not too loose. I understand that there are some shoes that you probably can't resist buying even though they are not your size, but please resist, because you won't be happy walking around in uncomfortable shoes.

Take small steps
Heels normally shorten your stride, you won't be able to take long stride like you would when wearing flats, so don't force the long strides, this will be really uncomfortable and will most likely make you look awkward. Unless you are a heels pro, then by all means stride away, but otherwise, take small steps.

Slow it down
So you are taking shorter strides, this doesn't mean you should quicken your steps. Take your time or you might fall, that is if you're a heels rookie. Walking slowly also allows you carry yourself with grace and elegance and makes you appear more confident, so slow down and take your time.

Walk heel to sole
This is one I didn't know and I am definitely going to put it into practice. Make sure when walking, you place your heels down first before your soles. This will give you more balance in your stride and will also help in straightening your knees as you walk (bent knees are very unattractive). Do not walk like you're wearing flats. Remember ladies...heel to sole.

Look ahead 
Look where you're heading and not down at your feet. Walking with your destination in sight and not your shoes can help you keep a confident and sturdy walk.

Cushion your feet
Some heels cause blisters due to the friction that occurs when we walk and this can be extremely uncomfortable. If you can, purchase shoe cushions and place in uncomfortable areas, if you can't get that, rub the area with some oil before slipping on your heels or better still, cover the place up with some band-aid or plaster.

Take a break
Nobody wears heels to walk around all day, well at least most people don't. Get off your feet once in a while to take breaks. Sit down whenever possible. Warning: If your shoes are tight or seem to be causing blisters, do not take them off when you sit, because it will be more painful putting them back on.

EXTRA Tips...

  • Do not forget to wear your confidence along with your heels. If you are not confident, you stand the risk of falling. So wear those heels and own it!
  • Focus on one step at a time...take it slow.
  • Practice wearing heels as much as you can as often as you can. This will help your feet get used to heels and will also help with your balance.
  • Walk carefully and be mindful of the ground you step on. It can be really uncomfortable walking on sand or on stones, so be careful where you tread your heels.
  • Note that excessive wearing of heels can cause chronic foot and back pain. But if you must wear heels often, make sure to wear varying heel lengths.

Fashionably Yours

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6 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the tips... i am trying really hard lol :)

  2. Can't seem to find my previous comment. Great tips. I love heels also and I practice every time I can especially to church.
    Thanks for stopping by on mine. Flw?

  3. very helpful tips. ALthough I will pick flats over heels over and over again, one still needs heels.

  4. One other tip...the more you wear heels, the better you get at rocking em well. I'm a living testimony. I hated heels like crazy ehn...kai...but now I cant go a sunday without heels. Nice tips Aby

  5. "Some heels are so sinfully high, they cannot be good for a child of God" - LOL....

    Good tips. My number 1 top for wearing heels "DON'T FALL DOWN" lol xx

  6. I never knew the heel to sole tip, nice one I'm definitely keeping it in mind.


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