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Deep breath. The urge to write. What do I write on? Conflicting thoughts come rushing to my mind like a pack of wolves on the next meal. Okay, I have no theme or topic I'll just allow my fingers move.

2014 slowly comes to an end, what have you done this year to make you eligible to go into the next. If we were to show deeds to allow us go into the new year will you end with this year?

What have you done this year that has made a person smile? What have you done this year that has added genuine joy to another person's life.

This year has had its good and its bad, some of us may have thought of ending our lives some of us have pushed on through the storm. The great news is we are all here. Sadly not all of us will see the end of this year, its how life is balanced.

Happiness. That tingle you feel when all you want at that moment, you have. 2014 has made us happy, new jobs, spouses, cars, children and many other things. One thing 2014 favored us with has been LIFE. Happiness is nothing to the dead. I have an aunt who is battling cancer but every time I speak to her she sounds happy, that is life. 2014 gifted us with many of happiness packages and life has been the most precious.

Pain. Betrayed, sad, heartbroken lost and frustrated, 2014 has had this to offer too. Some people we called friends showed us why we shouldn't be so nice every time. Sadly, some of us can't help but be nice. 2014 allowed our hearts be broken, shattered and sometimes we still feel the pain. This year some of us got used because we cared a little too much.

Friends. We met new people, some we wish we had known earlier. Some we are glad they came into our lives when they did. Thanks to them we are happier people.

Love. Yes love, many of us fell in love for the first time or second or third, oh well who is counting? What we do know is life was rekindled in our heart after out hearts had been broken. For some it is a new feeling. Falling in love for the first time ever. Cherish it.

Collection. As this year ends, take time out, sit and ask yourself these questions. Have I earned 2015? Have I made an impact into someone's life? Have I attained any goal?

What is your answer, have you merely been living or have you been impacting and achieving? 

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