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So basically it is the end of the year again with all the razz of the festive period and fun in the air. It's about that time of the year when most people feel obliged to update the world on their day to day life and how wonderful and beautiful the year has been.

So many pictures crawling up around the Internet and social media, they are all posting and you are forced to ask yourself if u have a life at all.. well, that being said, I woke up with a thought this morning that says; having to wear a Rolex or a Beliciaga or Giuseppe shoes doesn't make you rich, or the fact that you gotta take on the bus every day doesn't make you poor either. 

Its pretty shocking how people are so deluded by images and when you sit down to hear them talk, they have basically not been up to anything. So I ask, what is the the point in all this?! We make and bake our selves in dream land and present our dream self to the world, the way we want to be perceived, or we fake what is not there and act as if it was. 

Here is my opinion to all this, nothing is really new in life, so whatever you think you are doing now, someone somewhere has done it before and here is the shocking part, they have done it way better. 

2014  was indeed a great year, if not for anything at least for life. Here is a piece of advice, keep doing what you're doing and find a way of doing it bigger and better. Our destiny doesn't define the path we take but instead, the path we choose to take defines our destiny. 

One thing is certain, nobody is going to ask you how you came about it, they will only ask if you succeeded or not...Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2015.

The Story Sheriff

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