Dear Santa...


Dear Santa,
It’s almost Christmas! Will I finally be seeing you this year? Yea I know I’m a grown ass woman and all, and I should not be believing in you anymore. In fact I should not be believing in you period! Why? because I’m a Nigerian…we don’t have chimneys.

But you know, even without a chimney, as a child I still somehow hoped you would maybe slide through our burglary proof to put a barbie doll or doll house underneath our Christmas tree, but you disappointed me and let the lack of chimneys hold you back.

I’m quite unhappy that you didn't include Nigeria in your gift delivery plans...but just in case you decide to change your mind in the future, i'll give you some helpful tips; please be wary of the electric wires in my area, some hang so low, you shouldn't be fooled by the quiet and darkness of the area...we're still awake, our electricity company probably hasn't decided if they like us enough to give us a good number of electricity filled hours, and they may decide to restore electricity just as you are gliding with you again I say, be wary of the electric wires.

You may or may not have company in the sky on your way here, I here the skies are usually busy with all sorts, be sure to feed your reindeer very well in case you need to flee from....oh well, in case you need to flee.

Anyway sha, I know you’re not real and all, but I still felt the need to write this to you in honor of the disappointed little child from many years ago…speaking of which, I need to have a word with the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny as well. Ya’ll must have attended the Institute of Disappointing Nigerian Children. But whatever…you’re not real, or are you?

With not so much love,
Disapointed little girl turned almost bitter woman

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1 thoughts

  1. Lol aby! Why oh why?
    *hugs you* am sorry about the disappointments from santa, I hope he replies tho.
    Merry christmas in advance.
    Loved the post, laughed all through.


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