Christmas cheer anyone?


You know when you want to do something, and you already have a plan on how you want to go about it but then laziness happens...well, that has been my story for the past couple of days, hence the silence and lack of posts on the blog, and I apologize to those who may have been awaiting posts. I'm here now! :)

So, "it's the most wonderful time of the year" huh? Is it me, or does the excitement of Christmas wear off as one grows older? Because the season is rather dull at my end. Maybe when I start a family of my own the Christmas spirit will return. But I am definitely excited about the new really ecstatic, because I will be embarking on several new journeys. I can't wait to begin. Of course with this excitement comes the reality that it definitely won't be a bed of roses, but I am ready to face the challenges head on. Are you as excited as I am for 2015???

So tell me, are you feeling the Christmas spirit and cheer? Biko, share some with me in the comments section, I need it!

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3 thoughts

  1. I am not feeling it at alllll.... there's no harmattan at my end sef...tsssheewew... but then I'm looking forward to the new year. Merry Christmas in advance swits.

  2. I kinda share your excitement for the new year, although we shouldn't have to wait for the turn of a new year to make so called resolutions but there's this "new beginning" feeling that's comes every 1st of January. So yeah, excited to make certain potential life changing resolutions (and stick with them this time lol), and also to have that renewed hope that the new year would be better than previous years. Pardon the epistle lol. Happy Holidays.

  3. As in!
    I don't feel all "yay! It's Christmas" at all.
    But this season is a season to celebrate Christ, reflect on all His birth has done in my life, share the love with others and chop plenty jollof rice.
    And that's what i've been doing... its christmas for a reason and that reason is Christ.
    If I can get back small of my small pikin feeling sha, it would be nice :-)

    I'm also revvvved up for 2015!

    Merry Christmas Aby!


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