2014 Blog Review, What do you think?


Hello guys!
So the year is almost over, and i'ts only proper that I do a blog review for the year, don't you think so? Yea, me too! :)

The year started really slow on the blog, infrequent posts and all. I would say I was going through some sort of blog identity crisis and didn't know how to move on from it. But then I found myself, or rather found my blog sometime in August and it's been "swoosh" ever since.

It's really hard coming up with topics and deciding which topic to post on which day when your blog doesn't have a niche or a main focal point. It just maybe, might be a bad thing to be interested in plenty things at a time...nah! It isn't :D. Anyway I found a way around it (I think i'm a good problem solver). I came up with a plan, a blog schedule of some sorts, I decided to do one category for everyday of the week and this made things so much easier. Here's a brief rundown of the schedule:

Monday- Life and Inspirational posts
Tuesday- Fashion (male and female), beauty and grooming
Wednesday- Features/Guest posts from writers
Thursday- Relationships
Friday- Stories, rants and banter and mostly 'chilled' posts.

Did I stick to this plan? Yes, like 85% of the time because you know, life, lack of topics and laziness happened, but I did my best to stick to the plan and it has made things run so much smoother on the blog.

For a more in-depth 2014 review, I will post category reviews everyday till the 31st.
Today is Wednesday, so the blog review will begin with Features and guest posts. So watch out for the next post.

My dear, darling, beautiful and amazing readers, I would love to get some feedback from you so as to help me serve you better, because without your readership, this blog is really just another random page on the web, so please tell me

- What do you think about the blog?
- Do you like the progress thus far? Is there room for more?
- What will you like to see more of on the blog?
- Do you have any suggestions or contributions?
- If you have any post ideas or you have articles you would like to share, please e-mail me abypurpleheart@gmail.com.

I've been getting complaints about difficulty in dropping comments, I will definitely look into that, but you can always reach me by e-mail abypurpleheart@gmail.com or tweet at me @aby_purpleheart if you are not able to post your comment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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