White 'Kola' Job


She kept pronouncing it as “Kola”, so don’t blame me. I attended a career conference in Abuja and got to learn a lot from the Hausa woman who gave a lecture. One of the flaws of fresh unemployed Nigerian graduates is the lust for white kola (collar) jobs or nothing else. Everybody wants to be in an office, without wanting to explore the very wide range of options they have.

1. Studies 
On finishing your youth service, you could immediately start furthering your studies with not just a masters degree but professional training. This does not just boost your CV but also gives you an edge over the competition as one would have much more to talk about during an interview and also have the opportunity for team work and leadership positions, especially if missed out on during previous years.

2. Get doing (Entrepreneurship)
Another angle of attack for a fresh graduate is entrepreneurship. I could go on and keep talking career talk that you have probably heard many times, but the fact remains: You can never become a BILLIONAIRE with PAID EMPLOYMENT. Yes, there. I said it. Quote me anytime, any day. That would only happen if the value of the naira drops to that of Zimbabwe's currency.

3. Aim for the knowledge, not just money.
This is Nigeria, and unlike some thirty years back when having a degree more or less guarantees you a job, you have to fight tooth and nail for it. The truth is, no matter how qualified you are for any position, you do not have a 100 percent guarantee because of the competition. You could also be applying for more internship. Yes the money is little, more reason for them to hire you. This will not just keep you busy, but get your CV running on experience unlike your idle counterparts. This also puts you in a better position for employment, especially within that particular organisation.

Having said all these, don’t forget we have baba God in heaven. Best of Luck!

Written by
Amerigo Bonasera 

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  1. White Kola job...hehehe. I like this post sha... I know lots of people that are waiting for white kola job from morning till night. God help us.


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