Men's Fasion: Yomi Casual


Two of the many things I appreciate in life are exquisitely made clothes and well dressed people. Yomi Casual delivers on both of these. I stumbled upon this on and I just could not resist sharing it here. Some of you may not have heard about Yomi Black, but today you have.

Yomi Casual is a Nigerian fashion designer that specializes mostly in male clothing, but he also makes some really lovely ones for the ladies as you would see in this post. He recently released a new collection called "The Fantastic Man".
The well-tailored plain and patterned designs on the collection with debonair embroideries makes the Fantastic Man collection a perfect ensembles to leave a lasting impression. Whether you an uptown man in an uptown world or a real country gent, looking dapper in the Fantastic Man collection should be your goal. 
-Yomi Makun, Creative Director

 Enjoy pictures from the new collection below

For more information about Yomi Casual,
Call: 08037770128
Instagram: @yomicasual

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