MEN want ATTENTION too...


Everybody knows and everybody says that women love attention, in fact they say women "feed" off of attention. This might be true in most cases, me being an exception of course. Don't give me that look please! So back to the topic, because women are so focused on trying to direct attention to themselves, they forget or just don't realize, that their men want some of the attention action too...

From my observation, I have come to the conclusion that men are big babies at heart! And they may choose to exhibit this side at any time, especially when they are with their partners. Ladies are sometimes blind to the signs their man gives when he wants attention, because as a bad guy, he won't just come out straight and say it.
How would you know if your man is trying to get your attention? I'll give you a few examples...feel free to add yours in the comment box

He tries to make you jealous
This is probably the most common method men use. Women naturally want to be the one's to care for the man they love, if they notice another woman is trying to fill these shoes, they immediately up their game. Men know this and they use it to their advantage when they feel their woman isn't giving them the attention they need.

He suddenly becomes all "lovey dovey"
You wake up one morning and get a lovely, heart warming text message from your man. Something he almost never does...this could be a clear sign that he wants attention. He uses your picture as his BBM display picture, sends romantic tweets your way and it's not even your birthday? Girl, I'll say go give that man some attention!

He ignores you
This is usually for the more "macho" men that aren't emotionally expressive. For some reason, usually pride, he won't show you directly that he wants your attention, he'll rather just "bone" face for you, making you worry and want to make him feel better. Ladies don't ignore this kind of man, he obviously has an ego and I know you wouldn't want to bruise it. You know your man and what he likes, pamper him!

He gives you extra attention
They say "you get what you give". This group of men strongly believe in that saying. When they require your attention, they will shower you with more attention than usual, so much that you may feel they are suffocating you. Don't withdraw when they do this, just return the attention you're getting and more, if possible.

After all said, I want to quickly say something; Ladies, please, you do not have to wait for your man to want attention from you before you show it to him. Why don't you randomly, out of the intense love you feel for him, shower him with plenty love, pet him, give him plenty kisses and hugs...he will definitely try to fight you off, but trust me he secretly likes it. Give him gifts, take him out, pay him a surprise "visit" *coughs* during lunch break...make that man blush!
So now, you can go forth and shower your man with all the love and attention you can muster, no not!

Truly yours,

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc

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3 thoughts

  1. Dear PH, assuming I sleep in the same bed with my bf every night for a month, do we have to get physical every night? Can't we just cuddle sometimes?

    1. you do not have to get physical every night. You guy can agree to take a break for a few weeks and just cuddle.

  2. Reflecting, i realise that these acts came easier before marriage. Dont know why tho. Will muster some excitement and give the frenzied kissing a go. Good tips


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