It's Okay not to be Okay


I'm sitting here, staring at my laptop, thinking about what today's post should be about. I had a plan initially, but I don't feel like writing about that today. Let's see what I can come up with along the way...

Recently I've been feeling "somehow", haven't been feeling as motivated as usual (or maybe i'm just getting lazy), feeling unsettled and a little anxious, i'm not so sure why, I guess it's in my subconscious.


The thing is, we can't always be in tip-top shape all the time, we can't always be perfect and in a perfect state of mind...hey, look at that, I've got a topic..."It's okay not to be okay". So as I was rambling, I guess it's the imperfections, the little bumps on the road that help us in our personal growth journey.


It's okay not to be okay, as long as you don't remain in your "not okay" state, sometimes you have to drag yourself out of that state and face life more positively...but not until you've been "not okay" for a while. Sometimes we need to feel down to be able to reflect on life clearly, at least I do.


How do you deal with blue moods? Do you wallow in it or force yourself out of it? I would really love to know, because i'm in a constant battle...

Truly yours,


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5 thoughts

  1. purpleheart thanks for this writer up its really okay not to feel okay in your world they are phases we go through in life

  2. I loved and really needed the comment that said something along the lines of "It's okay to not be okay as long as you are not giving up." Lord knows I needed that!
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  3. Its okay not to be okay...hmnnn. I just needed this right now. I'm feeling very down this evening and it has been happening a whole lot of late and I'm trying so hard to figure out why I'm feeling this way. But guess what its okay not to be okay. I will be fine. Thanks mami. Mwaaah

  4. I always say that it's ok to cry, it's ok to not feel good, it's ok to be imperfect, just be sure to try to deal with those imperfections in a perfect way, in a way that will inspire others and you..the pudding is in what we do when we are not ok. Do we let it overshadow us or we rise out of the ashes?
    It's ok to not be ok, as long as we feel the emotions but still move on anyway, like the champions that we are.

  5. Good job. For me, when I am having my mood swings cos I really don't think there is a time I'm never okay cos never being okay is always so okay, what I do is just be as grumpy as I can be and enjoy it as much as I enjoy when I'm buzzing all around.
    My point is no matter what you call it, try ensure you get out of it quickly and ensure you try not to use it to drag others into that 'not okay' state too. Nothing lasts forever innit?


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