Most of the time, when we hear the word "talent", we automatically think singing, dancing, acting or something weird that nobody else can do, well yes, those are talents, talent comes in a lot of different forms and I don't think there is a human that exists that doesn't have at least one talent.

We were all born with talents, some lucky enough to have a truck load of talents while others managed a little purse of one powerful talent. Like I mentioned earlier, there are various types of talents;creative talents like designing or art, intellectual talents like the gift of organizing, planning or being able to solve problems quickly and then there are also special talents or you can call them gifts, photographic memory is one of such.

Talents usually come naturally to a person and can be developed...developed into an amazing skill that can then be turned into how do you go about this?

First of all, you have to identify what you talent is. What are you good at? or what do you enjoy doing? If you enjoy doing it, you most likely will be good at it.

Once you have identified your talent, the next step is to find ways to improve on this talent. Take classes or lessons, do internships in places that will help you grow, read books that will help improve you and practice everyday or as often as possible.

Put your talent to use, work in places that will allow you express your skills, this will also help you gather enough experience should you ever consider starting something on your own.

Remember that talent speaks for itself, feed your talents and you will be noticed

Let's take Miss Purpleheart for example, I believe I have various talents, one of which is a good eye for design.
Identifying my talent: I realized that I enjoy designing sometime last year, and I know that if I put in the effort, I'll become a really awesome designer. What kind of design? Well I have considered fashion designing, I might still go into that, but for now, I'm working on becoming a bad ass graphics designer.

Improving my talent: I got video tutorials and all the applications I need to learn and develop myself. Now what's left is to push myself and practice everyday. Get advice from people who are already into "the business" to make sure I am on the right track

Putting my talent to use: I have plans for when I have finally gathered all the knowledge I want. I might start my own graphics company or maybe work for one.  It's not decided yet, but the plans and ideas are there and I know that my talent is going to bring in the big bucks, but what I look forward to most is the satisfaction of finishing a good design, a price tag cannot be placed on that feeling.

I hope this post was enough motivation for you to figure out what you love doing/ what you are good at and developing it into your wealth source.

Truly yours,

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