I know relationships are not "one size fits all"...but I believe there are some certain things that should be taken into consideration and should be applied regardless of the nature of the relationship. I'll be sharing a few of these things with you right now. Let's get started shall we?!

I personally love to laugh and I get very excited when I've had a very good laugh in a day. Laughter makes the world go round to be honest. Make jokes and laugh at each other, not every time be serious and have serious talk, sometimes play and fool around. Watch a funny movie together or go watch a stand-up comedian perform. Laughter does wonders for the immune system, it increases blood flow and lowers blood sugar is truly the best medicine. Asides that, laughter brings this feeling of warmth and fondness, especially when shared with a loved one.

It's always refreshing when we do something new as individuals, now having that experience with someone you are in a relationship with helps create a bond, it will give that feeling of togetherness. Maybe sing together in a karaoke club together or go mountain climbing together or maybe take cooking classes together. Something new and fun will help refresh the relationship.

Once you enter a relationship, you automatically become your partners biggest fan/supporter, you should do well to assume this role. In being supportive, your partners happiness becomes a priority to you. Offer words of encouragement when needed, always have a listening ear, even when you don't have a solution, become a safe haven for your partner, where they can come and find peace and not have fear of being vulnerable or judged. Remember, you are their number one fan, don't forget to cheer them on especially when they feel down.

Spending time with you partner is a very important thing to do if you want your relationship to grow. Shared experiences are water to you relationship. No matter how inconvenient it may be, always find time to spend together. Scheduling date nights may help. If you are in the same city, you can start learning something new together, learn a new craft, play sports on the weekends or workout together. Time spent together is precious and should be cherished. 

In the case of long distance relationships, you can still spend time together, thank God for social media. Stay in contact and let your partner know all about your day, even the little details, it will make them feel as thought they were there with you, leave nothing out.
A blogger once said her and her partner used to turn on their Skype, leave it on and go about their business, they got to watch each other doing their everyday thing like they were in the same room. You can maybe take a cue from that.

That's it for today guys. Maybe I just might make "Relationship 101" a series, what do you think? Let's see how next week goes. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Truly yours,

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  1. This is really true, the key to every relationship is communication.

  2. This is great aby, sorry for the late coming.

    ...heading over for pt.2


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