RANT: Love is NOT "first come first serve"


Yes I am about to rant again. This one is directed at the men folk...I don't know if women are guilty of this, but if you are, please take note...

My question; why do some guys feel, because they have been asking you to date them for years, they are entitled to a "yes" from you. Biko are you queuing to buy plantain chips? Love is not 'first come, first serve', I do not owe you any positive response just because you decided to hang around and not move on with your life for years.

I have had several of such experiences in the short while I have been on this earth, and the extent of my annoyance to these statements cannot be conveyed in this blog post. On one of the occasions, the dude kept hammering on "I've known you for "xyz" years, I've loved you since the day I met you, you are the one I want to marry, I've pictured our life together..." Please which prophet told you about this vision? I seem to have missed the memo from the almighty grand master of matchmaking, telling me you are "the one" for me.

There are some that will even say "I'm sure you have a long line of guys waiting, when will it be my turn na, I've been waiting?" You have been waiting on a long line so...

Oh dear Lord, help me so I don't strike one of your children down with these little hands you gave me! When did I become a commodity? or a service provider?

Guys please and please! Love is not 'first come, first serve'...if you have waited for a year and it's looking like no show, I think you should move on oh. I like to believe a lady knows if she wants a man from the first time she meets him, or at least second to fifth time of meeting. Being persistent might pay sha oh, but at least be sure that the feelings are mutual or have the possibility of being mutual first.

*Rant over*

Please share you experiences if you have any, I would love to hear from you.

Truly yours in rants,

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