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I have a very active mind/imagination, and a lot of times I keep them to myself, so I thought, why don't I share these thoughts with you guys on my blog, so hopefully, this will be the first of many more musings.

So I was minding my business when my mind decided to kick into action..."life happens in stages". The good book says "there is time for everything" and that statement is absolutely correct.

As children, we found that talking about the latest toys or cartoons was what we were most interested in, then we became teenagers and then movies, music, video games and of course the opposite sex became the topics of the day. As young adults, fashion, relationships, money and the opposite sex (still one of the topics) among other things, dominated most of our conversations.

Before long, a girls conversations with her group of friends will change from the latest fashion trends, makeup choices, guys that are toasting them to the wedding planner they used, or where they plan to do heir honeymoon, and then very soon after that, it will be exchange of baby stories and experiences.

For the guys, discussion topics never really change, rather they are updated, it goes from soccer + video games + action cartoons, to soccer + video games + women + movies, to soccer + FIFA (still a video game) + women + politics + business + random happenings in the world + marriage (maybe), to soccer + marriage + business + politics + expenses + contracts....and you get the picture.

The transition from young adulthood to full blown adulthood happens when certain things become irrelevant and other things become more important. Discussions about our life's goals, plans and dreams become more frequent. At this stage, the young adult (most of them, not all) already has a clear idea of where he/she is headed or would like to be headed in life

Life does happen in stages, sometimes we find ourselves wanting to jump a few steps to get to where we want to be, some mature quickly and skip a few stages, others spend too long in one stage (and sometimes never leave) and unfortunately become immature adults.

Yea I know it is quite obvious that life happens in stages, like duh! But it is one of those things that amazes me when I give it some extra thought...

From my overactive mind...

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  1. Nice thoughts, it's funny how the opposite sex appears to have a firm competition in guy topics, I guess it really is a love story



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