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Written by FayFay

I'm a big fan of kissing. Lol.  Just as you have ass man and boob man, I am here today to introduce the ladies that are into kissing and touching and the ones that are for one and against the other.
For me, kissing is interesting and it kinda gives away the "arrival mode" of a guy. That means I know how a guy acts when he arrives (LOL) once I kiss him. The word arrives makes it sound funny and I hope you understand what I mean.

Touching: Some guys are basically bad touchers. They handle the twins like ......*thinking*.........
 the horn of a news paper vendor. Jeez its very annoying.  Guys like this are usually clueless in wonderland.

Off Topic: I find that some people are uncomfortable talking about sex with friends. Hehehehe. Excuse me , if not for sex, you wont be here o.
When your friends are gisting about sex, if you don't have anything to add, just laugh and enjoy the conversation.  You may even learn from it. Don't act all Anti-sex cause guess what? It's impossible for you to be anti-sex. Were you not born with wonderlands?????

Okay Back to the topic.
What ticks you off about kissing/touching someone or what do you enjoy about it?

Does kissing and touching go together or you prefer one more than the other?
Don't be shy. Share.

Wait o! What even inspired this topic?..I remember now..heheheheh...
Why does it feel better or pleasing to watch white people kissing than to watch black (Nigerians especially) people kissing???
So answer that and then share your views on the topic. Thank you!

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3 thoughts

  1. White people are better kissers....Nigerians kiss like their lives depends on it. Heehehe. I am a kiss person and I can kiss for africa... chai. Aby please can I steal this and share?

  2. That's how I always saw it o, maybe its cos white people are better with romance and they don't try to swallow each other, and they focus on just that, but naija boys will want to kiss you, touch you with so much force . I prefer kissing cos the way they'll be toucing you like purewater satchet *when its almost empty and you want to get all the water from it* its a big turn off. I don't feel it has to go together but I think they we kinda missed the guy guide book

  3. Move aside lovies! This is my fave topic. Hehe
    Apparently I'm not Aline in the love for kissing. I think its more intimate than the actual sex/lovemaking/doing (whatever you want to call it) I got a British friend to teach me...yup I did...I couldn't kiss to save my life and didn't even bother trying. So I needed serious help as the romance books I read didn't give me pure unadulterated lessons. Porn movies didn't help either...yeah they go straight for the main action as you know so I had to grab the bull by


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