I Believe in a Nigeria...


Faith they say works wonders, and this I believe, I believe in a lot of things and one of them is my country Nigeria.

I believe in a better Nigeria,
I believe in a Nigeria full of peace and devoid of corruption,
I believe in a Nigeria without tribal rivalry,
I believe in a Nigeria filled with empowered youths, youths with jobs,
I believe in a Nigeria filled with light, constant power supply,
I believe in a Nigeria with roads so good, road trips would be a joy...
I believe in a Nigeria, where
 the poor are not seen as classless citizens. 

I believe that there is always that phase where it might seem like things are not getting better. 
I believe that Nigeria is at this point.
I believe that patience is what we need, as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.
If we don't believe in Nigeria as our country, who will?
We are all one, and we all have a major role to play in lifting Nigeria to where we want her to be. 
Let us ask ourselves, what have we done as individuals to improve our country?
Let us not be too quick to judge our leaders, because Nigeria is for us all, and if we all play our individual roles we will have the Nigeria that we desire.
Have faith, Believe and contribute to the Nigeria you want.

Good roads, stable electricity, good drinking water, proper health, transport and educational sectors will happen if we elect credible people into office.
Let us ignore tribalism and religion as we want to build Nigeria and head toward competence.

I believe in a better Nigeria, you should too.

Nigeria is 54 today
Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!

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