Dance Party/Nescafe Lounge Hangout


Independence day was a couple of days ago and a lot of people felt there was nothing to celebrate, while others strongly disagreed and looked for ways to "turn up"...I think I was somewhere in-between and I had some serious fun! Yes i'm here to give you the gist about my day...

I was invited to an event hosted by the Rhythm FM Benin Dance Party crew; Peter Amayo and Stephanie Ohumu. The event took place at the Nescafe Lounge in the University of Benin, very cozy place I must say, so if you find yourself anywhere around UNIBEN, you should definitely check out the lounge. The theme of the event was "Food Freedom", hold on, i'll explain in a bit...

The event was to start by 4 pm, and as usual, guests arrived late, (I'm seriously thinking of starting a movement to eradicate "African time") but when the place was filled to a reasonable extent, the show kicked off.

The event was strictly by invitation, and here's how the guests were selected...they were to send in their craziest food combos, and the top craziest were picked to be guests at the event. I'm sure you understand why the theme was called "Food Freedom" now.

We started out with introducing ourselves, after which the craziness began! The craziness that went down is one of those things you had to be there to witness on your own, so I will not bore you with the details. Peter and Stephanie claim to have the craziest show on radio, and trust me, they did not disappoint, they brought the crazy along with them...kudos to you both!

Pete & Stephamie, the amazing hosts

Because the theme was "Food Freedom" and some people were actually daring enough to share their craziest food combos, the two craziest "delicacies" that were sent in were picked and the senders were made to eat it for a price of N5,000 (nope, the 5K wasn't claimed by any of them). Here's what was on the "menu":

1. Egusi soup + beans + boiled eggs (bottom row)
2. Eba + fried rice + plaintain chips (top row)

Crazy right??? So tell me, what food combination has been your craziest? I honestly would like to know, because apparently people are weird! Don't worry, I like weird, so you can tell me :)

Say yes to food freedom!

Of course we didn't forget that it was Independence day, Peter Amayo gave us a small speech about Nigeria and her independence after which he asked a question; what do you love/hate about Nigeria? The mic was passed round and everybody shared their own thoughts and opinions.

Here's one thing I like about Nigeria: The people are amazing, it's wonderful how we still find the strength to be happy and joke around despite all that has happened. We are very happy people and I love that about us. I would come back as a Nigerian again if I was given the opportunity.

Tell me, what do you hate/love about Nigeria? I would like to know :)

Oh yes! We also sang the National anthem, it was really amazing!

DJ Darmix giving us some mad tunes!
There was a dance off between the Nescafe Lounge crew and the Rhythm crew, it was totally amazing to watch, unfortunately, I don't have a clear video to show you guys.
I had a totally amazing day and I commend the hosts for giving a wonderful show, I wish it lasted longer.

Enjoy the amazing photos from the event below, courtesy Bami photogrphy.

Who is that girl? :)

...and they made me dance -_-

Very yummy cake!

This girl again...who is she sef?

How did you spend the Independence day? I would love to know, share with me in the comment box below

Truly yours,

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  1. Your hair !! I love that yellow ribbon hair thing and you look so pretty. I'm seriously considering getting red frames for my glasses seeing as I've spoilt the new one i just go.
    looks like you had a great day

  2. Seems like you had fun, my day was rather independent as I spent it indoors

  3. That hair piece I want....nowwwww. fine geh


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