What you SHOULD do after long hours of wearing heels.


I'm not a regular wearer of high heels, in fact, I get really nervous when i'm about to put one on, especially those ones that are sky high *phew*, but its one of those things that make you nervous at first and then you sort of ease into it. I love the feeling of walking with high heels, I love the gracefulness it gives to my step, the sway of the hips, the elegant feeling and all that, but what I DON'T love...

...the pain afterwards! Mine could last for up to 3 days, and t think some women wear heels on a daily basis? One question for you ladies...HOW do you do it???
I'm sure a lot of you ladies are like me after taking off heels, or maybe worse; throbbing soles, weak muscles, swollen feet and pain equal to the one you feel after running a 100km race, okay now i'm exaggerating or maybe not. 
So I did some research on how you can exercise your feet to ease the pain, and that's what i'll be sharing with you beauties today.

Ankle Twists
Rotate your ankles in full circle motions for 20 seconds to relieve the pain. You can also stand on tip-toe for as long as you can at one stretch.

Walk on your toes
It's time to get your inner ballerina out! Raise yourself up and walk on your toes. Make sure to keep your ankles and back straight..This helps to relieve the pain from the sole of your feet and eases the tightened calf muscles.  
Curl your toes
This helps to relieve the stress of the muscles around the bottom of the feet and make it feel flexible. Begin by curling your toes downwards as if you’re trying to pick up something underneath your feet. You can even do this with small objects. Do at least 50 repetitions
Calf Stretch/Raise
Balance the toes of one foot as you stand then raise your body up and down in three sets of 15 repetitions. This can also be done by raising your toes against the wall and keeping your heel balanced on the floor. Lean forward, stretch and hold for 12-15 seconds. 
Lower back stretch
The lower back is definitely not spared from the wrath of the 6-incher, here's what you can do: Lie on your back, bend your right knee and use your left hand to pull it over the left leg, do the same for the other side and feel the tension in your lower back ease up. You can also do the basic squats with feet apart and knees bent to ease the sore areas. 

That's it ladies, i hope my tips help relieve your sore areas. Do you have any exercises you already do to easy sore areas after wearing heels? Let's hear them!

Yours, In the love of fabulous heels,

photo credit: [auro] via photopin cc

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  1. My own fear is not the pain you would feel after, its the fear of falling down while you are still wearing the shoe. I just don't get how some people get so comfortable wearing heels. I wear heels because I think its just what goes with my dress. Asides that, I think its #teamFlats all day


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