The Real MAN


Every man wants to be a real man, or be referred to as one. You can’t blame him for wanting to, just for the sake of his ego. Being a real man isn't about having the physical attributes of the ideal healthy, broad-shouldered, biceps-laden, medical model of the male human, but a character and behavior admired by real women, other real men, and God perhaps. 

In a society where the people around him happen to be the judges of what he dishes out to them through his intellect and attitude, what would be the criteria to be a real man? Here are some of them:

A real man has his ego in check, acknowledges the fact that he is imperfect, admits his mistakes and is willing to learn…even from his woman.

A real man is God fearing. He knows the difference between good and evil, and whatever choice he makes, he is ready to take responsibility for his actions.

A real man thinks before he speaks, and not just rant away like some wild Barbarian. Even when not sure of what to say, he would rather be quiet and be thought a fool than open his mouth and remove all doubt.

A real man has respect for his woman, he listens to what she says and puts her opinions into consideration. A real man never strikes his woman, whether verbally, physically, or emotionally. She is a jewel on a pedestal to him.

A real man fends for himself. No matter how little he makes, he believes in honest work and abhors laziness. He bends his back day and night in order to make sure his woman (or family, if any) is taken care of.

In a nutshell, a REAL Man:
Rejects passivity, 
Exemplifies integrity, 
Accepts responsibility,
Leads courageously.

Written by
Amerigo Bonasera

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2 thoughts

  1. Hiaaaa,glad i found this blog, gained a lot, working towards been a real man too.thanks... and my blog is-

    making the world a better place

  2. hmmmmm.... nice write up.....but in this our society eh..... you will hear an aboki with 13 kids that can't feed his family saying, "I dey craze, I know no say I be man"..... I Rep MOMENT WITH ZOE


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