RANT: hint and miss


Today I want to rant! I want to rant because I honestly cannot take it anymore, I've had it up to here *holds hand to forehead* with this. Okay that is usually how I feel when I find myself in such situations...hold on a minute and i'll explain what I mean.

Ever been in a situation with another individual, usually a stranger or near stranger, where it seems they just don't get your clear signals of disinterest? Okay let me explain further...

As a girl, you meet a guy, usually by chance, maybe through a friend or classmate, and he gets your number by some unexplainable means (or maybe you just gave him) and then the daily calls and texts start pouring in. Such unwanted disturbance! You answer your calls with as rude a voice as you can muster, ignore calls, giving VERY CLEAR hints that you don't want to be friends, but the signals you're sending don't seem to be transmitting properly, hence, message not received, this is a very clear case of 'hint and miss'.

Okay, so now you're fed up and try a more direct approach, you come out plainly and say "please, you are disturbing me, i'm not interested in being your friend" and you get a response like "ahn ahn babe why nau? Did i offend you? It's not like that nau? Please be nice to me. Okay i'm sorry, why don't we meet and talk nau?" Aaargh!!!! Really??? like are you frigging serious right now??? The frustration is intense at this point, and then you proceed to the option of blocking and in some extreme situations, changing your phone number.

Take note though, that not only girls suffer this kind of ordeal, some guys also come across ladies that act in such a crazy manner. They receive phone calls at very odd hours, and during those calls, the crazy lady is crying seriously and saying "why are you always mean to me? am I not good enough?" and you shouting harshly "I am NOT interested!" has little or no effect on your situation.

Let's consider another scenario shall we, this is one from a guys angle, and honestly, one that I've never quite understood. As a guy, you meet another guy usually through a friend of yours or in some cases he just comes across your number and starts calling you daily just to "check on you". For some unknown reason, he wants to hang out with you by all means! All your efforts to show that you're avoiding him seem futile and tend to fall on deaf ears...oh dear!

What's the deal with people that are just seem to miss the hints you clearly lay out for them? I honestly, very honestly would like to understand what goes on in their minds. I really would.

This is the end of my rant, now i'm passing the microphone over to you? Have you had an experience with people like this? Please share with me, i would love to read about your story, or are you one of such people? maybe you can help us understand better from your point of view.

Yours, in rants, bants and laughs,

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4 thoughts

  1. Yay!...First to comment....hehe...**whispering** I have been meaning to say that since I saw your comment...hehe...Thanks sooo much for visiting my blog.....okay back to this post...it got me laughing...I mean...I find it so hard to understand why this situation happens....like really....why would anyone wanna hear these words 'No!, I am not interested'...I mean those words could be well avoided...I had this friend who would come crying to me....I can't tell you how many times I felt placing a big duct tape round her crying mouth....I mean....going to some guy's house as early as 8am and hanging around his gate hoping to God that he comes out.....Grr....Nope...I can't deal...I just can't deal.....Lovely Read mami....

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. Lol! Well o well.. Nice post!.. Do I have any to rant about??? Unlucky me! I don't think so, people see me as unfriendly

  3. Somebody else feels my pain abi? This is the principle of the thing. I have people in my class who would go as far as begging for your number just to hang out with you, not that there is anything wrong with it, just due to the fact that I love being by myself most times and they can disturb for africa ehn! They leave you feeling exhausted after talking to them. Wonderful read Aby.

  4. Please tell em oh. Cos I don't undersand how you will even tell em in plain english "leave me alone" they will sill not get it, they will think you are playing hard to get. I'm like seriously this is not hard to get my brother its more like never to get.


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