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"The way he ran to buy my medication when I was ill, this was 10 years ago, the urgency in his steps that day made me know we were going to be good friends, we have been best friends since then."

They say "it's the little things that count" and I very strongly believe this. In my opinion, it's the little things that make the greatest impact, those little things that leave a permanent stamp in your memory and bring you joy when recalled.

We sometimes take these small things for granted, only setting our sights on the "big" things. These big things could be material things. What happens when it begins to wear out? You will be amazed at how much just being present in a persons life can help. All you have to do is show up, show that you care. Sometime the most valuable gifts don't cost a dime, sometimes the most valuable gifts come from within us.


Have you ever had a little kind gesture shown towards you and you felt really good throughout that day? A gesture so little that nobody else understands your happiness.
The little things are most times given without the giver having any knowledge of what they are giving. It could be a smile/joke shared with someone having a rough day, it could be giving someone a listening ear, it could be that gentle arm squeeze of re-assurance when someone was feeling unsure, it could even be a simple "hello, how are you today?".


"There was a day I was having a skin reaction and was itching all over, he came to me, rubbed my ears and gave me a peck on the forehead, as little a gesture as that was, it is one I will never forget, it didn't stop the itching, but for some reason it soothed me, little gesture, but the memory is imprinted forever in my memory".

Now let's look at little things from another angle, those little things that are almost lost to insignificance, in this big worrisome world. Things like the sound of rain falling (it could be a really relaxing sound for some), the twinkle of the stars at night, the rich, deep blue of the night sky, the warmth of sunshine on your skin, reading a good book...the little pleasures of life are endless! We tend to neglect these things because they seem to always be there.
If we take time out to appreciate the little things around us, imagine how much joy our hearts will be filled with.


We need to appreciate things and the people around us, tell a dear friend "thank you" just because, give and encouraging smile to a colleague who seems to be having it tough, hold the door open for a random person, make that phone call you've been postponing to your loved ones, give someone a hug for no reason. Little acts of kindness make the biggest impacts.

I would love for you to share with me those little gestures someone has shown you that has made great impact in your life.

Yours, In the appreciation of the little things,

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7 thoughts

  1. I'll share mine. One time I was confused about this blogging thing. I knew I wanted to have a blog but I didn't know how to go about I came across a lady with a purple heart, a heart so pure as gold and she gave me undivided attention. Even in the middle of the night when I'm battling with one blog layout,I would call her and even though she's asleep,she would pick up and put me through. It wasn't a small gesture,it was a huge one and I owe this blogger everything. That's why she's my blog bestie and I love her. Do you know her?

    1. This brought tears to my eyes. Comment of life.

    2. Moby you're gonna make me cry now! :') Love you plenty plenty blog bestie! :*

  2. Yes I remember how mad I was at the time about how things weren't going the way I wanted and I was really "mad" then I wake up one morning and sunflowers were in bloom, I was still mad but I saw these tiny beautiful things everywhere, and I just stopped being mad and embraced gratitude all day. Now on normal days I wouldn't notice this things but we just have to open our hearts and let our eyes roam we definitely would see little things that are big in nature.
    Thanks for the Read aby.

  3. Beautiful!!!! Simply. .. beautiful!!

  4. I remembered How one girl I was not really talking to gave me the only money with her to go we are best of friends. I really appreciate her...ehen moby I don't know why I can't comment on your 100th post from my phone.....maybe I should just say it her.....emmmmm..... emm.... where is the paper I even wrote it self.....ohhhh...... awon omo olori ike yi shaaa.... they have taken it......anyways let me just say it....... moby's not easy I must say .....and I pray you celebrate four digits....... did I hear an amen to that? I Rep MOMENT WITH ZOE

  5. This is really good. We sometimes forget the little things that matter. The little things really count. This just came at the perfect time. This message is for me


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