I am on a constant journey to stay fit and healthy. This journey has had many stops on the way, very LONG stops for that matter. I'm currently on a 3 month "pause" from my journey. Please no judging.

I won't say I have taken the most drastic health measures or done the insanest most intense fitness routines, nah! that would be me telling smelly lies, and i'm not about to start lying, at least not to you guys, scratch that, I don't tell lies *straight face*. So what steps did I take to attempt to stay fit and healthy?

On staying fit...
It really annoyed me that anytime I climbed the 6 flight of stairs in my faculty in school, I would be panting by the time I got to the top...very annoying something.
Now I am not the most unfit of the lot, i'm actually slim, but you know, we have to keep our cardio & agility in check as well as keep some areas tight and firm. The tummy is one of such areas. Okay, my tummy is actually flat-ish, but not firm, and it likes to show itself sometimes (literally). When I wear jeans and sit down, it tends to ummm, you know, overlap  or something. Please keep in mind, I DO NOT have a big tummy! and i'm not trying to justify the actions of my tummy either.

So my initial routine was to do sit-ups, I did as many as possible, but then I got lazy and stopped. A fitness friend of mine suggested a routine for me, I was on it for about 3 weeks, got lazy and stopped, then I downloaded the 7 minute workout app, recommended by a friend, that lasted a little over a week, but sisteh here got lazy again and stopped *sigh*. I think I need a workout buddy, or a fitness instructor, or better still, I need to become more discipline. Oooh the struggle! *sigh* I'll resume my journey very soon though, maybe, just maybe I'll gist you guys how it goes.

Because health is wealth...
If you know me well, you'll know I don't drink enough water, a friend of mine called me a pigeon once because I drank so little. I decided to revolt and start drinking more water and less soda and juice. I researched on and started the water therapy, which involves drinking about 3-4 glasses of water every morning as soon as you wake, even before brushing your teeth. I must say, I cannot deny the amazing effect of this therapy. It made me feel lighter throughout the day, I felt cleaner internally (can't explain this), I think my skin glowed but i'm not too sure, although that is supposed to be one of the effects.

But wait, there was a problem; forcing down 4 glasses of water at a go is not easy AT ALL! Oh wasn't easy, i'm not so sure I like the taste of water, or maybe just not early in the mornings, I don't know. It is advised to start small though, say with 2 glasses a day and work your way up. Forcing the water down was my only challenge with this, I read somewhere that you can add lime and honey to water to make it more desirable to drink, I think i'll try that when I eventually start my healthy journey again.

I'm sure you're wondering, is it just drinking more water you did to stay healthy? Yes is. I'm not much of a junk food eater, so I don't have a problem with food. At least that's what I would like to think. Besides water has amazing health effects on the body.

Oya let us gist health and fitness. Tell me about your health or fitness journey, problems you've faced and how you solved the problems...and please if you have any advise for my lazy ass, please share!

Yours in Fitness & Health

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