Dating an Entrepreneur; Things to note


Being in a relationship is hard work, being in a relationship with an entrepreneur could be even harder work. In my opinion, a relationship with an entrepreneur can be equated to being in a long distance relationship. Just imagine if it was a long distance relationship with an entrepreneur...oh dear!

I stumbled on an article (as usual) a few days ago and I could totally relate to it (don't ask). I'm going to share a few things to note (based on real life experiences) when dating an entrepreneur. I want to say that I know fully well that not all relationships are the same, but i'm sure you will find one or two helpful tips.

So before I start, let me highlight the most common characteristics of an entrepreneur (feel free to add yours):
- They are ALWAYS busy
- They meet people all the time
- They have clear goals and work extremely hard to meet these goals
- They are passionate (sometimes too passionate) about what they do

Dating an entrepreneur? This is when you should start taking notes...

I know how sad this sounds, but it's the truth. When dating an entrepreneur, you're going to have so much free time on your hands, so you have to learn to be comfortable with yourself, look for things that you enjoy doing, learn to have fun on your own. Learn a skill or two to keep busy.
Spending time with yourself also gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual, you have time to reflect on life and things that are important to you.

I know they say "if a person loves you, they will always find time for you"...but trust me, if you keep this in mind, you will always be unhappy and will give yourself unnecessary headaches from thinking too much. The business is their baby, and at certain times they will give it their full undivided attention, don't let this make you feel unloved. Try to understand this and you won't have any negative thoughts or feelings.

It is easy to feel like you're not doing enough when you see all the waves and effects that your partner is making in their field. Never compare yourself, you have your own special and unique trait that can be used to make as much impact as you want. Identify it and develop it. Don't sit down, feeling inadequate.

Get to know about your partners work, even if it is something you have zero interest in, you can always learn about it, Ask questions, and get involved if you can. Be as supportive as possible. Getting involved will also help you understand (to some extent) what they are going through and why they are always so busy. Your partner will also be happy about the support and it will make them feel appreciated.

Dates will be cancelled, travel days will be postponed (for long distance). This is one thing you will have to get used to. It will happen and you have to be as understanding as as possible when it does. Yea yeah, I know it's hard, but we want a peaceful relationship don't we? It will help if you condition your mind to not expect plans to go through until the plans are already happening.

If you are sure this is the relationship you want, and you want it to move forward, then being understanding, tolerant and patient is something you must become a master at. The relationship will not be a success without this, and you should know that, and keep in mind that things will become easier and smoother eventually.

When you both finally get to spend enough time together (and their phones are properly switched off), it all becomes well worth it. Cherish those moments and try not to quarrel or fight I beg you!

That's all I've got guys. I know I didn't talk about some aspects of dating an entrepreneur, please feel free to add you thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comment box. 

Truly yours,

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6 thoughts

  1. Hmmm...I kinda agree with you on this one....Phew!...speaking from experience tho' read...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. I totally agree with this. #experience. Initially it was hell, fight today fight tomorrow. But after we broke up I took a step back and noticed the things I was doing wrong and I would definitely put this tips in mind next time. Awesome read aby.

  3. True gems. It'll truly be difficult at first but it can be done

  4. Hey aby, thanks for bringing this up, it's nice to see you posting this, will surely send it to her, hope she'll understand, Thanks once again Aby *Kisses*

  5. Never dated an entrepreneur but one is so easy for me to do. Gotta run, rain!!!!!!! The windows!!!

    Uniquely different with Fredilia


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