BEARD-GANG: Growing and Caring for Your Beards


I believe most ladies like a bearded man, whether or not i'm one of such ladies is not really the issue here. If you're a man looking to go down the bearded path, it's only right you know what you should and shouldn't be doing. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your view point) not all men can grow a beard, blame it on genetics and no, methylated spirit definitely doesn't work! Mind you, not being able to grow a beard DOES NOT make you any less of a man, just in case you were entertaining the thought.

If you can grow one and wish to do so in the future, this post is for you...

A beard, like a relationship, requires dedication, commitment, closed ears and eyes to the comments and looks of horror from the public eye, especially during the growing phase.

When growing your beard, you have to find a way to make up for the "homeless guy" look you'll be giving off. Yes you will look homeless at some point, it is inevitable, so try and dress really nice to complement your bushy face, but that's just by the way, here's how to grow a beard...

Noble Igwe (source)

1. The itch is not for the weak
I understand that once your face starts to itch, it's an indicator that a shave is needed asap and from what I understand, this is when most guys give up and head for the clippers...well, you are going to have to ignore this itching indicator, remember dedication and commitment! If you are strong at heart, this phase will be over before you know it. You can also apply some itch relieving oils to help take you through this period. Just like most things, it gets better with time.

2. Leave the clippers be
It is understandable that you would get really excited and eager to start shaping your beards once you notice they are close to being full. Don't! At least not yet. Try not to give in to the urge of shaping your beards too early. Let it grow out for about 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, before you shape. Enjoy your cave man phase for a bit, you chose this path, not me.

3. The struggle is not for everyone
If you've endured the cave man phase for a few months and for some reason you still have scraggly looking strands or empty spaces struggling to fill up, i'm sorry but you have reached the end of your full beard journey. I give you kudos for trying and you get an "A" for effort. Find a nice shave style that suits your face shape and your beard type (a goatee maybe) and keep being handsome you.

Obi Somto (source)

Welcome to "team natural" guys! If you have a partner with natural hair, this will be a breeze for you.

1. Wash, not with bar soap, shampoo!
It is very important to keep your beard clean always, clean and smelling nice. Using bar soap will make your beards really dry and brittle. A moisturizing shampoo is your best bet.

2. Conditioner
Conditioners will help soften your beards. You can't go around hugging ladies and stabbing them with prickly beards. A leave-in conditioner (the type you don't have to rinse out) is recommended.

3. Oil it
Oils help to keep the beards soft, healthy and smelling good.

4. Trim it
Schedule a trim as often as you would like to get rid of split ends (for long lengths) and to keep it neat and presentable (for the short lengths).

5. Eat with caution
Your beard might want to get in on the food action and decide to grab a few crumbs or drops of food, so you have to be careful when you're eating. Take small bites and try to eat slowly (unless you're in the comfort of your cave, then you may gobble away) and always make use of napkins.

Chin Okeke (source)

Like I mentioned earlier, growing and taking care of a beard takes dedication and commitment. You must put in the effort to take care of your beards because it's literally the first thing a person will notice when they see you. It becomes your identity. Groom your identity!

Do you have anything to add or share? Have a beard story? Ladies, have a man with a full face of hair and want to share your experience? I would love to hear it in the comment box below.

Truly yours,

photo credit: .noir photographer via photopin cc

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4 thoughts

  1. As a beard-having neanderthal, of the brown-skinned variety I can say I agree with ALL but one point (beards make you more manly) being made here. Especially the beard care section. 1 year ago it was soap water and nothing else till I realised the power of conditioners and oils.
    I must add, dry and flaky skin may appear every now and again but a good wash (with shampoo not soap) and oiling will get rid of it.

  2. I do not think I can grow a beard. 25years old and its still stragly. So depressed

  3. hmmm... nice tutorial on beards.


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