Are you a person of VALUE?


My initial idea for this post was to talk about having people of value in your life, people that add value to your life...but then I thought, isn't it hypocritical to want people of value in your life but yet not be a person of value? So the direction of this post changed.. Here I am asking you today, are you a person of value?

WHO is a person of value?
A person of value is one who has something worthwhile to offer, a person of value shares something that will be beneficial in one way or the other to those around. Now do not misunderstand this, being a person of value has NOTHING to do with financial wealth.

In my opinion, value comes in different forms, and i'm going to categorize this into two.

This is value, based on what you can do, that others can benefit from. This is the value that makes people seek you or your services.
"Value is what occurs when your interests crosses paths with what others find useful"
For you to adequately offer value, you must be doing something you are interested in and are passionate about. You should strive to develop/increase your value. Value paves way for success.

How do you develop your value? I'll use myself as an example

  • Identify what you like- I noticed that one of the things that give me joy is sharing useful information to people. I like to be a source of inspiration through the things I say/do. What do you like doing?
  • Develop on it- I learnt new things, things that interested me. I did my research, I boosted my knowledge bank. How can you develop on what you like doing?
  • Share it- I created an avenue to share what I had to offer. I started a blog. What avenue can you use to share what you enjoy with others?

What is that thing you enjoy doing? Go ahead and develop it and strive to be the best at it. You won't need to look for who to share it with, they will find you. Your work/service will speak for itself.


This is value based on your attitude regarding the people around you. I'll give you a few examples to illustrate my point.

  • An honest person, has great value, people can trust that nothing but the truth is what they speak. 
  • A person of integrity has high moral standards and sticks to it. There's nothing like having such a person in your life to help keep you on the right track. 
  • A happy and jovial person will always bring happiness to others, a person who makes people laugh is always a joy to be around. 
  • A reliable person is priceless...he says what he will do and does what he says.
  • A hardworking person inspires you to be better, inspires you to give yourself an extra push. 

These are just a few examples of people whose personalities can add value to the lives of others.
Personality traits can be improved on with conscious effort, if you're lacking in any areas and are willing to change, practice being better everyday and in no time your value will be noticed. So I ask again, are you a person of value? Are you willing to become a person of value?


Let's look at the other end of the spectrum shall we? Now that you have realized that you are a person of value, i'll ask one more question. Do you surround yourself with people of value?
Personally, I like to be around people that inspire me, people that can help me grow and become better. I love befriending smart and talented people...and I can boast that ALL my friends have one skill/talent or the other, i'm so proud of them! I was lucky to have met my friends by chance, but this doesn't mean you can't make the conscious effort to purge out the people that add nothing to your life, the people that just take and take and give nothing in return. It is time to know your worth and let them go...but not before you share this post with them. I believe everybody has value, it just left for us to identify it and be willing to share it with the world.

Yours, In the appreciation of true value,

Image source: @RobHillsr on instagram

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