7 Things That Make a Well Dressed MAN


I can't begin to explain to you the kind of flips my heart makes when I see a well dressed man, and i'm sure I speak for every lady when I say that.
Fellas, there are some things you should take note of that make a well dressed man, if you're already doing these things, then carry on, if you're not, then pay attention to the rest of this post and ladies, go get your man to read this...

#1. The FIT of his clothes
You will never catch a well dressed man wearing something too big or too small, everything is fitted to perfection. If you have a piece of clothing that you love but is too big, please take it to a tailor to amend. Fit is the number 1 rule in the book!


#2. The SHINE of his shoes
Your shoes always tell a story, a story about the kind of man you are, now it is up to you to decide what that story will be. A well dressed man is never caught with un-shined or dirty shoes. One of the first things I notice in a man are his shoes, take care of your shoes, and they will do the talking for you.


#3. His GROOMING game
A well dressed man is always well groomed, hair neatly cut and shaped, beards (if any) neatly trimmed, cut or combed (because beard-gang). You want to look clean, smooth and suave every time. Pick a look that works for you and maintain it. Keep your grooming game strong bruv!


#4. His Color co-ordination
Nothing like a man that knows his colors and isn't afraid to experiment. This may not apply to everyone, but for those who dare to try and come out with successful results, I drool over applaud you. Practice your color co-ordination, start with simple colors and work your way up to the more daring ones. Infuse more colors into your wardrobe, trust me, it will go a long way.


#5. His stand out piece
A well dressed man should always have that one thing that stands out, it screams for attention, but somehow blends with the subtlety of the rest of the outfit. It could be colorful socks, a really great belt, a super wrist-watch, a wrist band...anything really, as long as it stands out.


#6. His signature SCENT
A well dressed man not only caresses your eyeballs, but he does so to your nostrils as well. You must always smell good! Your scent should not announce your arrival, but when you're there, your presence should be felt. Find that scent that works best for you and gets you the ladies compliments. Advisably, have two separate bottles, one with a light scent for day and a stronger more overpowering one for night. You don't have to break the bank to get a nice fragrance, there are various scents of various prices, be sure to work within your budget. Click HERE to see ideas for signature scent.


#7. His Confidence
A well dressed man never leaves home without his confidence intact. He always has the carriage of one who is sure of himself. As a well dressed man, your carriage and style should never look forced. Carry yourself effortlessly with charm and style.

Yours In fashionable inspiration,

photo credit: Ismail Stokes via photopin cc

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  1. Sent this to boo..everytime I complain about the fit of some of his pant, he always thinks I'm crazy. Atleast now he'll hear it from Aby. Nice


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