SPECIAL Birthday Message; Dear Moby


Dear Moby,
Birthday's are celebrated once a year, but I believe people deserve to be celebrated everyday of the year, especially people like you. I haven't met you, but I've seen how amazing a person you are, you are a woman of strength, great talents and ambition and I am grateful for ever knowing you. So full of life and passion you are and a great spirit you have, there is always a smile on my face and laughter on my lips anytime our phone conversations end.
You are a shining light to the world, you are an inspiration to your generation, you are an inspiration to me!

I pray that you may continue to grow in wisdom and strength, that God may widen your coasts, I pray that God will totally overwhelm you with abundance of  His blessings, grace and favour, so abundant that it will overflow (picture a water fall). I pray that God will bless you to the point of tears...joyous tears! I pray that you will live to see your great grandchildren, and still be strong and over dramatic enough to dance sekem/shoki (and whatever naija dance is reigning at the time) with them.
You are on your way to becoming a great woman Moby! Today, I am proud and happy to be celebrating you, a great woman, Mobolaji O. Amusu. Keep soaring and shining!

With Love,
Aby Purpleheart.

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3 thoughts

  1. If I wasn't at work, I swear I'll cry.. The only reason I won't cry is because I look ugly...very ugly when I do. Thank you so much. We would definately dance the sekem and shoki of our time. Thank you so much huni. Love you plenty. God bless you.


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