HOW TO tie a TURBAN with a SCARF


Hey ladies! So from the comments I got on the Turban style inspiration post (here), I realized some of you might not know how to tie a turban/head i did a little photo tutorial of 5 different looks... 

The turbans tied  in this tutorial are looks that I've created before and I did my best to recreate them. There's one that i actually made up myself...totally random and sort of a mistake...but it turned out great! Wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to recreate the look...but I think I did pretty good! 
Please take note! The names of these turbans are completely made up (by me *big grin*) So here goes... 

LOOK 1 (Mini turban)

1. Fold a square scarf into two, to form a triangle (could be silk or cotton scarf...i used silk)
2. Place at the back of your head, leaving the tapered end to fall towards your forehead.
3. Tie a knot and make sure the tapered end is firm and secure, tuck in any loose cloth at the top.
4. Take the tapered end with any of the sides, then twist.
5. Make a small fold at the back and tuck the end of the twist inside it.

LOOK 2 (Front tuck)

1-3. Same as Look 1 above
4. Tie a bow with the two ends
5. Fold the bows inwards and tuck the tapered ends backwards.

LOOK 3- Side bun

This look was inspired by Sisi Yemmie...I put a video of her tutorial below. This look can also be tied as a front bun.

1. Using a rectangular scarf (preferrably cotton) fold into two (forming a narrow rectangle) 
2. Start from the back of the head and tie at the side.
3. Twist the two ends together (make sure the twist is tight)
4. Roll the twisted up piece around itself
5. Place your hand in the middle so that the bun stays flat.

LOOK 4- Wrap around

1. Fold your rectangular scarf into a slimmer rectangle
2. Start from the front and cross the two ends at the back.
3. Wrap one end across your head to the other end
4. Cross them at the point they meet, and wrap the second end to the other side of your head.
5. Tuck the longer end (or shorter end, whichever you're comfortable with) at the back, and tuck any loose piece of the loose end to your satisfaction. (Arrange, push and tuck till you get the look you're happy with)

LOOK 5- Side tuck

This is the look i created "by mistake"...looks really sophisticated doesn't it? hehehe

1. With a rectangular scarf, start from the front (leaving hair out is optional)
2. Cross at the back
3. Take to the side and tie the two ends together
4. Tie a second knot (not too tightly)
5. Tuck in the shorter end at the back of the knot, then bend and tuck in the longer end...tuck tuck tuck arrange tuck...till it's firm and in place.

These are just a few of the numerous ways to tie a turban... I've added some videos below for you to watch so you can see how to tie more turban styles...enjoy!

Be Fashionably INSPIRED!

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  1. sending the link to all the girls on my contact list right now

  2. This is so innovation!..awesome B. #now off to publicize you. #deeyssertflower

  3. great post. How did u get to collage d pics (inquisitive). they are lovely

    1. Thank you very much! I used an online editing app, it's called picmonkey

  4. Never knew there were so many different techniques and styles, loveee look 3! x

    1. Yes, there are even more...Thank you Jen

  5. This is so nice. Weldone and thanks for the tutorial.

  6. I've just had a go at number 4 it looks pretty good. Thanks for posting 😊

  7. Hiiiii, I just found your blog :) lovvvveeeeee all the turban styles especially the last two. I'd be bookmarking this page for future referral.


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