So it's a couple of days to valentine's day and if you're like me, you've probably waited till the last minute to shop for gifts, and I'm guessing you're still frantically searching and racking your minds for what to get...buying gifts could be a real chore sometimes i know. So my dear ones, I've put together gift ideas "For Him" and "For Her", to help reduce the stress of figuring out what to get. Remember, valentines day gifts are not only for your significant other, spread the love around to your friends and family as well!


1. Box of chocolates, Teddy bear, Flowers/Lone rose
Yeah I know! These are probably, most likely, the most cliche gifts for valentines day, but they never fail. Find a nice box of quality chocolates, a nice fluffy teddy bear (it MUST be fluffy!), and flowers, if you can't get real flowers, a nice smelling, "authentic" synthetic one will do.

2. Makeup Set
This is a perfect gift for a lady who is either a make-up artist or is just crazy about makeup, trust me, you would make her a very happy woman if you buy sure to make inquiries before buying, so you get an original one.

3. Hand bag filed with chocolates *big grin*
Not just any handbag oh! Something nice that she can happily and fabulously wear out...fill it with chocolate bars, or those little ones that come in "celebrations" packet...or just any nice chocolate of your choice :)

4. Nice lingerie
Ladies like to feel sexy inside and out, nice lingerie, preferably silk or lace will do the trick. Colors like red, purple, pink and wine red will work out really well!

5. Jewelry
Gold, silver, black or costume jewelry...just make sure it's real pretty and she'll love it.

6. Perfume set
Women love to smell good as well as look good, a nice scenting perfume should definitely be under consideration.

7. Hair care set
You have to agree with me that one thing women spend a lot of time on is their hair, so why not get something to help her keep looking fabulous, it could be a flat iron, tongs, hair products... Do your research and come up with the best option!

8. Cake/Cupcakes
A yummy looking cake with loving and thoughtful words written on it...need i say more?

9. Hobby based gifts
Her hobby could be music, dancing, sports...anything at all, you can buy something that relates to it. It cold be a bracelets with little musical notes on the chain (if she's into music), or a nice sports gear (if she's into sports) get the gist sha.

10. Everything else
Valentines day isn't only about the material things! You can be romantic, leave sticky notes lying around with romantic quotes written on them, write a poem or romantic message for her and read it out loud (she''ll love it, trust me!) go out for a nice dinner or stay in and play a nice game creative!

Shopping for guys is actually pretty easy, (if he's not the picky type)...a few ideas for you ladies below

1. Football Jersey
Most guys are football fans and have a particular club they support and are crazy about, getting him an original jersey of his club will drive him crazy!

2. Wallet & Belt
A nice, leather wallet and belt are really good gifts for men..with emphasis on "nice" and "leather"...

3. Shaving Set
If your man is hairy r shaves regularly, you can get a nice clipper set with shaving cream and after shave set.

4. Shirts
It could be dress shirts, sweat shirts, t-shirts, polo's...whichever you choose (or maybe one of each) would be a really nice gift for him.

5. Music gadgets
If he's a lover of music, buy something to support that love...headsets, speakers, iPod, whichever your purse can manage.

7. Shoes
Men love shoes as much as women, find out his preferences and get him a pair or two!

8. Perfume
Smelling good is part of looking good for a man...if you're not sure which to get, visit this blog to read reviews on some really cool fragrances for men, and then take your pick!

9. Hobby based gifts
Does he love playing the guitar? You can get him one, golfing? A new golf set would be awesome, or maybe a new badminton/lawn tennis racket. Whatever his hobby is, you can buy something that relates to it!

10. Everything else
Make him his favorite meal that day, leave sticky romantic notes lying around, write a poem from your heart and read it to him, if a soccer game (or whatever his favorite sport is) is showing that day, watch it with him, be supportive... after which you guys can go somewhere nice and cozy...or creative!

In my opinion, valentines day gifts don't have to be crazily expensive, it's the thought that counts, be thoughtful and creative with your gifts and it will be completely appreciated!

To shop online for lovely valentine the banner! :)

With lots of LOVE, in the spirit of Valentine (P.S.: It's also my birthday on that day *big smile*)

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