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Hi there!
Ever thought of adding a new skill to your already over-flowing bag of skills? Adding more things to your "what i can do" list? Well you should seriously start considering it! Learning is a continuous life process and truth is no knowledge is ever lost!

So, if you're interested in learning a new skill to add more value to yourself, then you should keep reading this!

Bag making classes + Shoe making classes + Entrepreneurship Classes

Designed just for you!

From 10th March to 28th March, 2014

Women Law and Development Centre, 1 Fadeyi street, beside Holy Trinity Hospital, Off Awolowo road, Ikeja bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos. 

Monday-Friday (9am- 3pm)
*special saturday classes can be arranged*

* Bag making (ankara, leather)
* Shoe/sandal/Slippers making (Ankara, leather,Suede)
* Design and making of Ankara accessories
* Gele tying
* Entrepreneurship classes

Seasoned Facilitators and Lecturers are ready for you, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

Registration is on now and closes 2nd March, 2014, so HURRY and register NOW!

For registration and inquiries call: 
08087646638, 08166890247, 08076504656

Take a firm hold of your destiny! 
Tell someone about this too and you will surely be part of a success story!

Brought to you by Moby Impressionz in partnership with Women Law and Development center and Patrick Peter Inc.

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