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Sunday December 1st, 2013

I think it's about 4 am or thereabout. Just switched off my alarm not quite long to go use the bathroom. Anyway how are you? Been a while on here. Basically just holding this pen on my bed with no idea of what to write but I am so enjoying this cool morning weather.

Picking up my blackberry to reply mails and late pings this early morning, I "stroll" into my recent updates from contacts on my Blackberry messenger, and opening twitter along side Facebook and Instagram, you need not an angel to tell you that its another Sunday for the world largest religion, the Christian religion.

So many updates some spiritual, others simply inspirational, some are just too vague you cant place them on either sides, some with no defined definition and in all am here smiling my way through all these applications asking myself  “with all these numerous quotes and writings from these people, how come we still live in a very sick world, a not so trusted government and an insane generation. Do we just write these quotes for writing sake or do we just live for Sundays?"

Maybe, just maybe if we lived by these quotes, personal messages (pm’s), display pictures (dp’s), twitter statuses, Facebook updates, broadcast messages... who knows if the world will be a better place to live in, a more comfortable place to thrive, and a more acceptable place to practice the much talked about love that we so preach about.

Don’t get me wrong, i'm not trying to judge the world we live in or anyone in particular. Please! This isn't about anyone in particular. But come to think of it sentiments aside, our different religious views aside, lets be logical, rational and sensible about the little moral and ethics these quotes carry, at least we all accept morals despite our background, and the messages they depict. If everyone should practice what they preach and do what is right and not what we think is right, maybe trust wouldn't have been so expensive to give and to earn; loyalty would have been reciprocal as expected and the saying of  “one good turn deserve another” will apply to all.

Maybe, just maybe love wouldn't have lost its value as it has now, that it is defined by so many armatures. Need I remind you that I am not trying to play self righteous, holy art thou attitude or assume a “God-complex” or any of that sort. Honestly, I have no intention of that. We all complain about being judged by our friends and the ones we trust and love the most but we fail to understand that at one point or presently in our lives we have judge and even given up on the people we once called friends, those we once ate from the same plate with, people who once trusted us not to give up on them and not see them as the world sees them, people we once shared sweet memories with, people we once shared our lives with. But the issue here is not about being judged or criticized because one thing I believe is that the human nature is capable of so many things.

If we all have chosen to live a less complicated and double standard lives and a more transparent lives as it ought to be, maybe, just maybe these quotes and write up will reflect and make more sense in our lives. Maybe, just maybe we will be able to fuse and cement them into our routine as easy as we write them and also to the life of our kids.

Patience, love, humility, trust, just to mention a few. These qualities we possess; some in little quantities, some average, some in excess. But we fail to realize that for every good that was created, there was another side to it. For every Patience, there is Haste, Love there is Hate, Humility there is Pride and for Trust there is Betrayal.

Maybe, just maybe we would have the patience to plan and wait for the right time to do things and not rush because the whole world seems to be doing it; love on the other hand will be a glorious feeling to experience at the right time; humility will be the order of the day because equality seems to be what everyone is about. Trust wouldn't be so hard for the 16 year old who just had her heart handed to her in shambles by a guy who raped her, and trusting someone else not to do same wouldn't have been so out of place.The sermons, the hard work, the labour, the struggles all in the name of attaining an acceptable social class.

Maybe, just maybe virginity will still be something of pride and glory, sex will still be a sacred act that is to be carried out on the matrimonial bed by couples and not just some form of exercise as the world has painted it to be or rather just a normal act. Maybe, just maybe divorce wouldn't be the first option when a couple has a misunderstanding, or when they find out something obnoxious about their spouse, or even break up when they seem tired and want new adventures or something different from a relationship.

If only we can take time to read what we update, tweet, and blog about, maybe, just maybe the laws of earthly living wouldn't have been so far fetched or vague as to allow the 'anything goes" syndrome apply to us all.

Maybe, just maybe if we can just stop for a moment and take out time from our busy lives and all the razzness, and just allow these quotes, tweets, updates, personal messages and religious sayings guide us through life, maybe then we can understand that life is way more than just existing, way more than the petty bullshit of our everyday melodramatic lives that we involve ourselves in, but about impact, fulfillment and above all, CHANGE!

Maybe, just maybe if we understand that as each day passes we get closer to where we are going to than where we are coming from. If we realize that we pass through life without knowing what the next moment or second holds. If we are conscious of the fact that we are all going die someday and all that we thought mattered, wouldn't matter anymore.

Finally, death comes to us all ultimately, it is just a matter of when and how?? The question is what are you living for? Its 6:18 am right now and I think I will drop my pen here and go prepare for church and say my morning prayers *winks*.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
See you in 2014!!!

Written and Edited by BOYOWA aka Story Sheriff
S.S. Diary Pages 

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10 thoughts

  1. If many of us will not just read blogs for reading sake...if we all wont comment on and retweet Facebook posts and Twitter tweets for the sake of getting attention...maybe, just maybe our lives will have become more better now.

    Maybe we will be living peacefully and in unity with our neighbours now.

    1. James, I wish I could like your comment.
      So many times I have to remind myself not to just write and read blogs but also to put them in practice.

    2. Lovely Post. Just very beautiful. If only We would practice.

      Aby, I want to reblog this post please.

  2. If only we can take time to read what we update, tweet, and blog about, maybe, just maybe the laws of earthly living wouldn't have been so far fetched or vague as to allow the 'anything goes" syndrome apply to us all.

    You nailed it!!

    First time here and I can say your blog is cute!!

  3. Replies
    1. Lol...the name was given to me by someone cos of my love for the color :D...and it just stuck from there

  4. #word. I ve never enjoyed reading this much up until today. Pple need to realize that we all need to practice what we preach so the younger generation can make us role models , then the world wud be a better place for ue all. One luv. u can do us well by mailing us more.

  5. Luvly piece and a luvly blog...

  6. Wow! Ur very ryt. I love ur mindset. Maybe,just maybe every1 had ur mindset,this world would be a better place.Great 1 dear! #Jenny!


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