The Beauty of NATURAL HAIR


I never understood what it meant to be a natural until a few months after i first cut my hair, maybe i would have learnt the best ways to go about becoming natural, all i knew was that i just wanted all the hair anyway, that's story for another day :). After doing a lot of research on caring for short hair, i came across so many blogs and youtube channels that were soley based on natural hair and i was truly shocked! There's actually a natural hair community!

I saw people with all sorts of hair textures, lengths, styles was all soooo exciting for me. The lovely thing about this community is that u feel appreciated and welcome even without knowing these people personally...they give a lot f support to those in need of's just wonderful!
I came across African NaturalistasNatural NigerianThe Kink and I, The Kinky ApothecaryMy African Hairitage Style and so many other personal blogs that are based on natural hair. I will surely be sharing all of them with you as time goes on.

The beauty of natural hair goes beyond what you see; it goes beyond the kinky "coilyness" of the hair texture, beyond the stubbornness and dryness of our hair (and yes i consider all those qualities  beauty). This beauty i speak of exudes in the carriers character. Natural hair brings out some sort of confidence that shines through, it brings with it a sense of empowerment! You come to appreciate yourself more! I would know, cos i've experienced all these...

Truth is, once you go natural and you master the art of caring for your hair (yes! it is an art), you never go back! I'm sure a lot of natural haired sistahs can testify to this. I noticed that once you start looking for best ways to care for your hair, you unconsciously start taking better care of start to eat healthier, use more naturally produced cosmetics, drink more water, paying more attention to your makeup and accessories and so on...

Being natural is a process, it's a journey that if you decide to embark on, you must be ready to face all the hassles of caring for your hair, it will not always be easy but, especially en your fro is no longer "teeny weeny" but "dedication" is the keyword, and never forget to LOVE YOUR HAIR! 

I first cut off all my hair December of last year and i haven't let it grow out since, kept trimming it cos i still had relaxed ends (that's a post for another day) so i got my 2nd big chop early last month, and I'm about to "properly" start my natural hair journey. I will definitely keep you guys posted on the progress/growth of my hair, plus all the tips and tricks I've learnt over the past year.

Yea that's me *big grin* edges tho :(

Now this post is NOT condemning the ladies with relaxed/chemically treated hair, not at all, I'm just appreciating the beauty of natural hair.
Hair reginens used for natural hair can also be applied to relaxed hair and you will attain wonderful results as well, all you need is consistency and dedication.


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Natural Nigerian
Nigerian Natural Hair

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3 thoughts

  1. Well what more can I say! I am a natural hair fanatic. I had my BC 3days ago and am super excited,true talk about having natural hair making you want to take care of yourself, I never like make up but I experimented and I must say I look gorgeous. Thanks hun for sharing. We need to share hair regimens ASAP

  2. Yep! Its an art and you have to be ready for it- taking care of it and all the comments/questions that will follow.

  3. Curls and kinks are beautiful!
    Thank you


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