Shakara with ANKARA; Style INSPIRATION (Men's Edition)


Who says men cannot also do shakara with their ankara? Sometimes na dem shakara pass sef, lol. The men are definitely not left out of the ankara style inspiration series...there is also a lot of versatility when it comes to ankara styles for men. So much you can do with the ankara fabric as a man, and i'm going to be sharing some inspiration with photos of course *big grin* do enjoy!

Yes! There's more coming your way expectant! Also if you wish to share your photos in this series, don't hesitate to contact me


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3 thoughts

  1. I love the second and 4th one though they are all lovely.

  2. Nice piece! I'm not a 'native' person, but with this post, I'm being tempted to change my direction by the new year.. Thumbs up Aby!


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