Ever been hungry but too lazy to whip up something quick to eat? Or you're just so swamped at the office and you don't have the time to go out for your lunch break? It could be really frustrating I know! 
How awesome will it be to have your favorite meal delivered straight to your doorstep, or to your office desk, from you favorite restaurant! It would just be like ordering straight from the counter without the hassle of lining up to order. Quick, easy and cost effective!

Well let me share a little secret of mine, with their awesome food delivery service, HELLOFOOD gives me the opportunity to order from the best restaurants in Nigeria without moving a muscle. 

Confused about what to order? Ah! That is a small problem nau! They have a well categorized food list/filter for us to choose from. Be it Nigerian, Asian or Italian cuisine, the website has got us covered!

- Go to and register
- Enter your city and click "find food now" to see the restaurants that deliver to you area
- Pick a restaurant, pick a dish/snack and make your order!
- You pay for your order on delivery!

Amazing I know! And guess what? to make things super easy, they have a mobile app that allows you order 'to go' and you can grab it on your way home!

So people, let’s all say "Hello to you Food" at your doorstep/office with Hellofood! Lunch time just got a whole lot easier! :D

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