Fashion OBSESSION: Wedge Sneakers


The first time i saw these sneakers what came to my mind was "YUMMY"...yea, i really love them! They are just too chic and cute and what's more, they can be styles in different ways!. These beauties just make my heart skip a beat...LOL...

Usually when people see these wedge sneakers, they don't know whether to  hate them, love them and most of the time are always confused on how to style them...yep! These beauties raise a lot of mixed emotions.

If you are looking to add a few inches to your height and don't wanna wear the usual heels, then wedge sneakers are sooo for you! They give you the height of heels with the comfort of a about a two in one package!

These sneakers come in a variety of colors, designs and with various kind of embellishments, find one that suits your style and personality and rockit!!!

I will guide you through a few pointers on how to style these shoes, so you can gather enough courage to go get one and rock it your way

#1. Always wear with skinny jeans or leggings! Wedge sneakers tend to look bulky on the feet, so you have to balance the look out by wearing slim pants/leggings. They could be quarter length bottoms as well...if they are long, you can always tuck them into your shoes

#2. Wedge sneakers look great on short shorts or medium shorts

#3. You can pair your wedge sneakers with a skirt...yes! A skirt! A high low skirt, a maxi skirt, a skater skirt or even a pencil skirt...give it your own twist and style. 

#4. Go for loosely fitted t-shirts, a tank top, blousy tops or button down tops (that's basically all the kinds of tops you can even add a blazer for some classy effect...It works great if styled well.

Photos for your INSPIRATION...Enjoy! :D



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  1. love love love wedge sneakers! Lovely blog by the way. Thank you for stopping by my blog


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