Fashion OBSESSION; Brogues


I was looking through The Fashion Engineer's blog when I first came across these shoes, and I was like "hold up! aren't those male shoes???" But she was rocking them so flawlessly well that I instantly fell in love with them.

Fashion Obsession; Brogues
These shoes are perfect for an androgynous/tomboy look...or if you want to down-play a very girly look. They can come with heels; very high/medium heels or could be very flat.

They are totally versatile! Believe it or not, they can be worn with practically everything, shorts, short/long skirts, pants, tights...It all depends on how daring you are and how far you're willing to stretch your personal style.

PHOTOS for your style inspiration/ideas...enjoy!

TheFashionEngineer rocking her brogues

These shoes!!! *love-struck*

Stay Stylish!

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