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Author Bio: Amanda loves urban clothing and is planning to create a look that puts an urban twist on a traditional formal style for the New Year celebrations. Amanda lives in North London with her partner and their three cats. 

While some people see New Year’s Day as just another day on the calendar, for those who see it as an opportunity to party there are few occasions that match up to it.  However, getting the right attire for the party can be difficult. Much can depend on the type of party you are going to, and if there is a specific dress code that can make things easier or harder, depending on how you look at it.
What are the best outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve, or for parties the following day or over the weekend?
Little Black Dress
Stylish, elegant, and timeless. Those three words describe the famous little black dress perfectly, and it is still perfect for getting the modern look irrespective of where you’re going to be seeing in 2014. While the best setting for your black dress will be cocktail parties or somewhere that is likely to be less over the top, you can wear it anywhere you want. The only rule is to make sure you have a big coat if you are planning to attend an outdoor party in a town or city centre.
Urban Style
If you want to rail against the formal slant that you get from wearing a little black dress or something similar, then you can always opt for urban style instead. In fact, when it comes to something that combines modern style with a real chance to express your personality, there are few things better.
The biggest challenge you have when going urban is deciding where to start.
While there are examples of brands that offer traditional style with an urban slant – we’re thinking quontum dresses – you are probably better served going for something that screams streetwear. Such an outfit might not be perfect for the club, but is a winner if you are heading to street or house parties.
Go for skinny jeans and a strappy top from DKNY, or look 100% in the opposite direction and wear a baggy denim with a shirt or oversized jumper. Make sure you wear a hat, too. Something from New Era or King Apparel will do the job and finish off your urban look perfectly.
Red Lace Dress
Forget all the negative connotations around wearing red, if anyone says anything to you this New Year they’re just jealous! However, we must admit that there is a way to wear red, and lace is it as far as we’re concerned.
At this point it is up to you whether you go for something strapless, backless, off the shoulder, or another type of dress, but as long as you’re looking classy, it won’t matter.
Why not wear tailoring to a New Year party? It is not what you wear, but how you wear it that matters most, so instead of going for a blouse or something formal and traditional, wear it with your favourite punk t-shirt or even something that is urban inspired. Go overboard with the accessories, too, and give yourself a tailored look with a difference.
Whatever you decide to wear this New Year, make sure you look great and it is something suitable for where you are heading.

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