Ede's Piece Giveaway WINNERS!


Hello beautiful people! I want to thank those that participated in this giveaway, (Ede's Piece giveaway) you guys rock! And for those who had problems posting their comments, i'm so sorry! :( But on the bright side, there are more giveaways coming up, so don't give up!!!
Eleven (11) people entered for the Ede's Piece giveaway, and based on their comments on the post + adherence to the stated instructions, winners were chosen randomly. I used random.org to pick the winners. And the winners are...*dramatic pause* *drum rolls*

Winners of the hairband and earring set: 
Ibhaze Joanita Akhere


Annye Kp Mikedo

Winner of the brooch, hairband and earring set:
Mary Onyeka @Idolze

Winner of the Neck piece:
Angel Ero @Angeltohsexy

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!! And if you didn't win, not to worry at all! There's many more giveaways coming up for you to participate in! *big grin*

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5 thoughts

  1. Yaaaaay I won the beautiful neck piece...Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. ibhaze joanita akhere12/27/2013 04:45:00 pm

    Yay!!!...I won something...*dancin..*summersaultin...tnk u gurls!.....

  3. *cough cough* I dedicate this award to my fans (oshe fans!)...lool j/k.seriously though,thanks a lot.Tolu

  4. #sobs# I didn't win nada!
    #rubs palms together# next tym, just wait and see.....

  5. Me too better luck next time to me


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