Written By Peace Itimi

He is walking like one who cannot see
In his heart he knows he's in a prison
He desperately longs to be set free
But he's still bound and needs a reason

There was a time when he was truly lost
When he had not encountered the touch of the cross

Now that christ has paid all the cost
But still held bound to those Addictions that keep him at loss

Quite a number of years since he got saved
But still bound to those dirty habits

Everytime he does them, he's amazed
It's like he can never stop dancing to the devils drum beats.

He's an addict, To Drugs, Masturbation, Sex, porn, Stealing, Lying, Alcohol and weed.
Everyday he wished he never had it

He's pained that he's bringing the Lord's name to scorn

Everytime he seems to fall to it
There's a tender voice of Love within

Ignorance would have made him to quit
But this tender voice kept him locked in

He opens his browser to download a message
And pop pop came a pop on

He's tempted again by guile of this age
And his out gave away to Porn

I've failed, I've failed again he cries 

Why can't I rise above this fog
Ignorance of victory expressed in his eyes
Kept him in the devil's fake clog

Drugs, Drinks and Weed First, Porn next, masturbation and then sex.
He bound to this vicious cycle

it's like he's a victim of the devil's hex
So bad he can hardly pick up his Bible

Everyday by self will and strength he tries to stop
But the more he tried, the more he failed

His natural strength takes him half the top
And halfway on him it bailed.

But now he knows it takes more than him
To stop him from being an addict

There must be someone stronger than a team
To help him erase these dirty habits

Just this desire to know
Unlocked the power of Love within

That tender voice of love began to grow
To melt the weight of sin

Love is abstract, love seems far
But his love began to evolve into a person

He began to glow within him like a shinning star
And unleashed on him a supernatural blessing

He was endowed with the blessing to soar
Above the habits and addiction

Habits that were near now seemed far
And they kept drifting and leaving his direction

All he could now see was the person alone
In his awe, his beauty and Grace

Now he's Free and No longer like a clone
As he steadily looks upon his face

All of a sudden something supernatural happens
It's called a transformation

All images of himself suddenly darkens
He's now a new creation

He never saw himself again
All he saw was Jesus Christ alone

Never before had he seen his face this plain
And all the while he thought he'd grown

He now begins to learn of Him
And those habits are no longer a question

They just melted out like the sun melts a cream
His life is now in a new direction

At this point people may still not rate him perfect but he's not moved by what people say
He cannot be cajoled to join any sect

Because he's certain he's in the righteous way

There are now things he just can't do without
Like giving, like praying, like loving and worshiping

He's subsumed by these things from the depth of his heart
The rise of a new addict is just beginning

The addict remains the addict
Just that the object of Focus has changed

Formerly an addict of things that weren't worth it
Now an addict to christ till the end.

It's doesn't matter what you are addicted to, Jesus can give you new and worthy habits and likes.
It doesn't matter what thing you are struggling with, Jesus can take a way the burden.

It doesn't matter what makes you awake when everyone else is sleeping, Jesus can give you rest and peace.

All you have to do is ALLOW Him Work in you and transform you steadily.
He's the only one capable and strong enough to get you out of it.


Get more inspiration from the writer at Peaceitimi.blogspot.com

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2 thoughts

  1. nice one! Really nice. but I cant help but notice the line.....ignorance would have made him to quit..... its kinda funny grammatically. otherwise, it was worth my 7mins

  2. Emmm, okay, nice, beautiful one o! Buh the Emphasis became tiring. If am not mistaking, I spent 5 minutes on d same thing repeating in differently line with almost the same words uh different structuring! I almost quit...............not cool....awesome message tho


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