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Hey ladies! Have You heard about Décolleté Fashion Lounge? (pronounced |Day-Call-Tay|) Its an amazing online store with a lot of lovely lovely jewelry and stunning clothes...

I have always been a lover of rings, so its no surprise that i fell in love with midi rings (knuckle rings) the first moment i laid eyes on them, but sadly i didn't know where to get them from. By some beautiful ray of sunshiny luck, I just happened to stumble upon this post from ThatIgboChick and i ordered mine sharply...hehehe...

Awesome news, they give a 10% discount for your first purchase, isn't that just awesome???
When you order has been placed, it takes 7-10 working days to arrive to your doorstep and I absolutely love love love the packaging. They come in little cute boxes that can be used to store the jewelry as well, so don't go throwing yours out! Plus you get a very sweet thank you note...hehe. You're welcome DéColleté!!! *kisses*

My parcel came with a free gift!!! A cute little tube of lip balm, and a small jewelry care card with information on how to store and care for your jewelry. They have an amazing customer service and what's more? their prices are so pocket friendly it's almost too good to be true! Yes! i put that in bold letters because i was absolutely blown away!

I purchased two midi rings
Get some love (get it here)
Love anchor (get it here)

And a normal ring
Musically sweet (get it here)

Top-Bottom: Love Anchor, Musically Sweet, Get some Love
I'm loving these rings, they sit perfectly on my fingers and are so so comfortable!!! You should get yourself one, seriously!

You can make your purchases from their site: shopdfl.com
You can also find them on:
Twitter: @shopdecollete 
Instagram: Shopdecollete 
There's a free giveaway going on as well, and its ending soon...so hurry on to their Facebook page to enter for a chance to win win win!!!

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Stay Classy, Stay Stylish!

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4 thoughts

  1. We should become best friends ryt away. I love rings as well and I have no idea where to get em. Now I am ordering mine now. And boy see how beautiful they are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL...orders yours quickly!!! lol...you're very welcome!


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