BLAST from the PAST (the 80's): Crop tops


These retro pieces have been around for a long long time, and have been going in and out of style for years! Word has it that Madonna was the first to rock a crop top in the mid 80's in her video for the song "lucky star"...crop tops used to also be (and may still be) the choice for workout gear! It was usually worn over a body suit or a tank top...

Fast forward some years later (the 90's) and the crop top graced out TV screens again through pop-stars like Britney spears, Christina Aguilera and if i remember correctly, Janet Jackson...

Well fast forward some more, and the crop top (formerly popularly known in Nigeria as "show belle" hehe) came back and is even better and chicer than before! Its a nice choice for girls with killer abs (no abs here tho *sigh*).

And do you know you can wear crop tops without showing your full tummy, that's for those who are not comfortable with it...all you have to do is pair the top with high waist bottoms; skirt, trouser, shorts, whatever you're comfy with.

Simply put...I LOVE CROP TOPS! *big grin*

Photos for your INSPIRATION...Enjoy!

Brenda of loves her some crop goodness as well *hehe* :D



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3 thoughts

  1. *sighs* wish I could don a crop top. oh, well.

    1. I just visited your soooo can rock a crop top! Watchu talkin bou??? If you don't wanna show your tummy, you can always pair it with a high waisted skirt or pants!

  2. The fashion is very essential for women. Without fashion
    there is nothing in this world.


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