URBAN FASHION! Designer: 3Redsmit


 3Redsmit is a Nigerian urban fashion brand, with amazingly designed pieces...T-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts and a lot more, for both sexes! They go for very very affordable prices as well, no kidding! I do not exaggerate when I say they are AMAZING designs! They "capture contribution of fashion as one of the most important mediums of self expression"

They launched a collection a few months back called "Brave and Reckless"...you're gonna want to check this out trust me, and with that said...i'm gonna let the photos do the speaking...enjoy!

And just in case you want to contact them to order yours, which i'm sure you're gonna want to do after going through the pictures below (i put plenty cos i love ALL their designs!!! *hehehe*)...
Here's their Facebook page: 3RedSmit ...get to liking!
Twitter handle: @3RedSmit ...get to following
Website: 3redsmit.com ...click nd check them out
E-mail: 3redsmit@gmail.com ...mail them to enquire
Phone numbers: 08125212925, 07088927937 ...call to order!

So just keep scrolling, pick you favorite and holla at them to hook you up ASAP!


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