The GOLD Circle


By Chris Emeka 'Jazz'

At the mention of the compound phrase, a shudder of confusion would always course through the mind.

Gold-circle, to a lot of people, is a thing that excited them in one time or another, beyond the limits of human tolerance, draining the love juice from them like rich warm wine. A sexually driven item you might call it but it is actually far from that. 

It is the stage, location or premise, where nothing else matters to you than your sweet romance burning like a freshly kindled fire. It's the circle that gives restriction to and alters your normal life, personality and who you are.
Love-Circle, as you may want to put it, is a phenomenal transformation that gives a pleasure one can no longer forbid. A bittersweet pain it gives, depending on how equipped the duet involved in the circle are.

A no-go zone for many it has appeared to be, a wonderland to the ones who have allowed themselves to be lifted by its rising passion; many are pained with the strain of withholding themselves from the touching sensation of the freshly kindled fire; a rare and unusual effect it gave to those who for once or twice tasted from its rich depths,with every moment of its span; sweet or sour, leaving memories to linger in the hearts of its benefactors.

Call it a union, companionship, relationship or agreement, then you are not far from the truth. Its events and procedure just manages to evoke the coward that lurks in every man even at their strongest.
Even if it is a freshly kindled fire, surely, it needs a source of fuel to sustain and keep the flames burning brightly. This is the point where you need 'knowledge, trust, understanding, belief, selflessness, care, affection, attention, passion and compassion'. These elements should be considered at all times, always pouring your subconscious mind like a warm cascade to enhance the bond and to avoid an emotional hangover.

So, live, share, love, care and stay in the 'Gold-circle!'. It happens to everyone!

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  1. from a lay man's point of view, is this an article or a poem? i read it but it was a little hard to understand.


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