Relationships, a blessing or a curse? You can't say for sure, it depends on your reaction to this colorful  and insightful mosaic of knowledge displayed by Chris Emeka 'Jazz'...

It becomes vulnerability when you hop into a new relationship whilst getting over a broken romance. The search for someone who is free to return your devotion now seems unending and the goal looks unattainable.
The purpose now seems defeated with individuals seeking self-gratification.

The truth remains that the exteriors would diminish, so if I were you, I wouldn't solely keep my focus there! What happened to Personality? What happened to Emotions? What happened to Love? Love, sweet word with no true definitions, the foundation of it all, even of the earth, other factors have key roles to play here.

"All men are the same"..."you know women,they can never be trusted"...familiar sayings, but they both possess no iota of truth. Not all men are cads and not all women are untrustworthy; that's where knowledge should come in. My advice is this; don't go searching for what will eventually find you. Your Mr or Mrs right would only come when you do right! Your partner is not far from you, life and love only becomes what you make of them.

It's one thing to get the one, it's another thing to keep them and make them stay. Maintenance should then become the keyword. Don't take advantage of the person's vulnerability, instead give them strength, don't take them for granted, give them the audience they need from you and in you! Many mistake these facts by simply relating it to the men, wrong! As partners,there's a great deal of work to be done by both parties for the union and for each other. If you don't offer such services as giving a listening ear and being a caring person, don't expect such from anyone and prepare for a lonely life ahead.

Create for yourself an opposite sex of your exact personality, comparing also your habits with all ramifications and see if you are compatible and comfortable with you, if you are, thumbs up! And if you are not...well, improve and keep building yourself. Remember, self-deception is the greatest of all forms of madness, don't deceive yourself by lying to yourself,that's why you were given a conscience by the Creator-the Lover of all.

Nonetheless, many have found a relationship a slave camp, many have thought it to be great bondage, some have explored it and found it to be a dwelling place, only few become happy in it, a small number just enter into it to fill their empty spaces and as a means of consolation, others are simply lost and don't believe in it. Whether you believe in it or not, your partner becomes to you whatever it is you make of them, you have a lot of work to do!

The next time you find yourself in a relationship, consider yourself first if fit for the battle ahead and make sure you are not selfish as regards any discipline. Get wisdom and knowledge people, but in all your findings also get understanding; Know your partner like a nursery school rhyme, strengths and weaknesses, turn-on's and turn-offs, likes and dislikes...not for knowing sake, but for yourself, as a manual to guide you through your love-life.
If you have compared and you understand what it takes, feel free to suffer the discomforts and enjoy every moment not forgetting your happiness!
Written by Chris Emeka 'Jazz'

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6 thoughts

  1. That was a lovely article. To me, in a simple definition, love is all about two people putting themselves in each other shoes.

  2. Hmmmmm....nice write you a lot of things to think about

  3. Found this it interesting, though I'm not a fan of relationship gists..but its nice! Well done

  4. Thank you very much people! Sincere gratitude

  5. Okay I totally agree with and love this post.

    1. Chris Emeka Jazz10/22/2013 06:24:00 pm

      Thank you very much! Check out the lastest though...The 'Gold-Circle'


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