Hey! LET's VOTE...QUEEN of ASO Beauty Pageant...


The Queen of ASO Beauty Pageant started eight years ago, it represents the search for the face that will project the image of the Capital city of Nigeria (Abuja)...the search for who will represent the Aso Rock! This pageant was put together to promote the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Value of Nigeria and to promote Nigerian Fabrics and Languages.

As most Nigerians know, Aso Rock is a large outcrop on the outskirts of Nigeria....but wait first! i'm not here to give you a geography lecture, that's just so you know the origin of the name ASO!

Aso means victory in Gbaggi dialect, the Queen of Aso is thus the Ambassador of the Rock.

Okay, enough of my many talk...now to the reason for this post....i wan't you guys to please please vote for this gorgeous beauty  Elikor Nkesi Helen

...I'm sure ya'll will agree with me that she deserves the crown *big grin* Below are some more pictures...her smile is really gorgeous right? "Queen-type" smile!

Please Click the Photo below to vote (or click this link), you will redirected to a Facebook page  and all you have to do is to click on the "like" button...THAT IS ALL! Thank you guys so much for your support! You guys ROCK! :D

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