The ankle strap trend

These heels have been  trending for a while now, and the first time i saw them, i was a bit skeptic about them...but eventually i fell in LOVE! They give this "barely there" appearance when worn and they are very elegant, sleek and classy!

This is something every girl must own! Given the chance, i'll have a different pair for every day of the week *love struck*. They go with practically every kind of outfit!
The best one's are those with detailing...especially the ones with chain details around the ankle, they just do it for me! Like this beauty from Things Nigerians, nice right? I think so too :D

KEY TIPS to wearing ankle strap heels:
- Go bright, go bold, go colorful! Especially if the rest of your outfit is in nude tones or is not'll make the outfit POP!

- Wearing something busy with patterns and prints? Then go minimal on the heels, with little to no detailing on the straps, tiny straps will do the trick!

I absolutely LOVE the way Shirley of rocks her ankle straps...she's also obsessed with 'em! :D

Nigerian Stylista's rocking the strappy's as well 

and of course the celebrities!

So that's it ladies! Keep rocking your ankle straps like the diva that you are!

Stay STYLISH, Stay FAB! *kisses*

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