BLAST from the PAST (the 70's): Round sunglasses


Have you noticed that fashion seems to be recycling? I mean, everything "old school" has found a way to be back "in" again, not just back but back and better! Its really amazing tho...some of the recycled fashion have come in and gone out, but i believe there are some that are back to stay!

These gorgeous retro sunglasses where the rave in the 60's and 70's and they've been trending for a while now...Even tho these glasses have a kinda oldies look to them, they can be spiced up with modern trends and outfits and would give a really edgy look to the whole outfit...

They come in a number of lovely designs! From the rimless to the ones with big plastic rims and metal rims...they just ROCK! Love em!


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2 thoughts

  1. Round frame sunglasses are always my favorite because these UK designer eyewear give unique touch to your personality and you looking very nice in these sunglasses. Ray Ban and many other brands are selling round frame sunglasses for men and women but Ray Ban is my all time favorite brand for wearing such type of designer eyewear UK.


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