Cette online store + Summer SALES, up to 50% off!


Happy Weekend beautiful people!!! Hope your weekend is going as well as or better than mine...
In current news, have you heard about Cette Online Store??? Yeah! I didn't realize there were so many Nigerian online stores either!

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So what is Cette online store about? Well, it is a Nigerian online fashion retail shop, that was launched in February, 2013...they offer a wide variety of trendy clothing and accessories from all your favorite brands in the world (so you don't have to wait till you "jand" first before you shop LOL).

Their summer sales began yesterday and they are offering up to 50% percent discount on some pieces! Yup, you read me right! I know everyone loves a good bargain :D so hurry and get a'shopping! I know i will *shuffles in wallet for GTB card* hehehe.

Sneak peek of some lovely pieces...

Visit their WEBSITE: Cette Online. com
Check out and like their FACEBOOK page: Cette Online Store
Follow them on TWITTER: @CetteOnline
...and on INSTAGRAM: CetteOnline
Give 'em a call: 08091461522, 08138148615

(Click on the links to redirect you to the various pages)

Be Fashionably Inspired!

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