Online Store: Things. Nigerians. Love!


These are things Nigerians really do love....(Nigerian girls anyway...LOL)
Anyhoo, I happened to stumble upon this website/online clothing store some time ago, its pretty awesome....*cups ear* what makes it so awesome you ask? Hmmmm....first of, they have very unique pieces of clothing and accessories, trust me you're gonna love 'em!

Secondly, these pieces come at surprisingly cheap and affordable prices.. Yup! You're actually not gonna have to go rob a bank to purchase their items! Good news yea? I agree too. I was pretty shocked and very pleased when i found out this yummy piece of information.
You're gonna want to check this site out, believe me! But first, below is a sneak peek of a few of their lovely items...

I especially love the chain strap heels...*drooling* Gonna order meself one ASAP!
Here's their website:
...and Facebook page: Thingsnigerianslove
...and twitter page: @tnldesigns
So get liking, get following and get visiting. You won't be sorry, it's a promise! You can thank me later *wink*

Be Fashionably Inspired!

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